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  11 Now, concerning the astate of the soul between bdeath and the resurrection—Behold, it has been made known unto me by an angel, that the spirits of all men, as soon as they are departed from this mortal body, yea, the spirits of all men, whether they be good or evil, are ctaken dhome to that God who gave them life.

John 20: 17.
  17 Jesus saith unto her, aTouch me not; for I am not yet bascended to my cFather: but go to my brethren, and say unto them, I ascend unto my dFather, and your Father; and to my God, and your God.
Job 14: 10.
  10 But man adieth, and wasteth away: yea, man giveth up the ghost, and where is he?
Luke 16: 22 (22-26)
  22 And it came to pass, that the beggar died, and was carried by the aangels into bAbraham’s bosom: the rich man also died, and was buried;
1 Ne. 15: 31 (31-36)
  31 And they said unto me: Doth this thing mean the torment of the body in the days of aprobation, or doth it mean the final state of the soul after the bdeath of the temporal body, or doth it speak of the things which are temporal?
Alma 11: 45.
  45 Now, behold, I have spoken unto you concerning the adeath of the mortal body, and also concerning the bresurrection of the mortal body. I say unto you that this mortal body is craised to an dimmortal body, that is from death, even from the first death unto life, that they can edie no more; their spirits uniting with their bodies, never to be divided; thus the whole becoming fspiritual and immortal, that they can no more see corruption.
D&C 76: 73 (71-74)
  73 And also they who are the aspirits of men kept in bprison, whom the Son visited, and cpreached the dgospel unto them, that they might be judged according to men in the flesh;
Alma 40: 15.
  15 Now, there are some that have understood that this state of happiness and this state of misery of the soul, before the resurrection, was a first resurrection. Yea, I admit it may be termed a resurrection, the araising of the spirit or the soul and their consignation to happiness or misery, according to the words which have been spoken.
Eccl. 12: 5.
  5 Also when they shall be afraid of that which is high, and fears shall be in the way, and the almond tree shall flourish, and the grasshopper shall be a burden, and desire shall fail: because man goeth to his long ahome, and the mourners go about the streets:
2 Ne. 9: 38.
  38 And, in fine, wo unto all those who die in their asins; for they shall breturn to God, and behold his face, and remain in their sins.
Alma 24: 16.
  16 And now, my brethren, if our brethren seek to destroy us, behold, we will hide away our swords, yea, even we will bury them deep in the earth, that they may be kept bright, as a testimony that we have never used them, at the last day; and if our brethren destroy us, behold, we shall ago to our God and shall be saved.
Hel. 8: 23.
  23 And behold, he is God, and he is awith them, and he did manifest himself unto them, that they were redeemed by him; and they gave unto him glory, because of that which is to come.