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Ab   See also Bar; Ben.
Abaddon   See also Apollyon.
Abed-negoServant of Nego (or Nebo).    See also Azariah.
AbiatharFather of excellence, or plenty.    See also 2 Sam. 20: 25.
AbibA green head of grain.    See also Calendar.
AbigailFather of rejoicing.
AbihuFather (is) he (God).
AbinadabNoble father.
AbnerFather of Ner, or light.
AbrahamFather of a multitude.
AbsalomFather of peace.
AceldamaField of blood.
Adam   See also Eve.
Adar   See also Calendar.
Adoni-zedekLord of righteousness.
AdonijahThe Lord [Jehovah] is my Lord.
AdoniramMy Lord is exalted (sometimes abbreviated into Adoram).
AdrammelechSplendor of the king, or fire-king.
AdummimThe going up of, or to.
Advocate   See also Atonement; Christ.
Agriculture   See also Rain.
Agrippa   See also Herod.
AhaziahThe Lord upholds.
AhimaazBrother of anger.
AhimelechBrother-king.    See also Abiathar.
AhinoamBrother of grace.
AhithophelBrother of folly
Ai and HaiThe heap of ruins.
Algum— = Almug.
Alleluia, HallelujahPraise ye the Lord
Aloes,or Lign-aloes.
Alphaeus   See also James.
AmasaA burden.
AmaziahStrong (is) the Lord.
AmenFirm, true.
Anak, AnakimLong-necked, a giant race.
AnathemaAn accursed thing
Anise,or “dill.”
Anna(N.T. form of Hannah).
Antipasor Antipater.    See Herod.
ApocryphaSecret or hidden.
Appii Forumor Market of Appius.
Aramaic   See also Aram.
Archelaus   See also Herod.
Architecture   See also House.
Aretas   See also Herod.
Arimathaea   See also Joseph; Ramah.
Ark   See also Noah.
AsaPhysician or healer.
AsahelGod hath made.
Ashdodor Azotus.    See Philistines.
AshtarothPlural of Ashtoreth.
Atonement   See also Fasts; Sacrifices.
Azotus   See Ashdod.