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BaalLord, possessor.
Babel   See Babylon.
Bar-jesusSon of Jesus
Bar-jonaSon of Jona, or son of John
BarabbasMeans son of the father.
BarbarianLiterally means a foreigner.
BarnabasSon of consolation.
Bartholomew   See also Nathanael.
BeershebaWell of the oath.
BenHeb. for son or son of.
BenaiahThe Lord hath built.
BenhadadSon (i.e. worshipper) of Hadad.
BenjaminSon of the right hand.
BenoniSon of my sorrow, or of my strength.
Beth-horonHouse of caves.
Beth-shan or Beth-SheanHouse of safety.
Beth-shemeshHouse of the sun.
BethabaraHouse of the ford.
BethanyHouse of dates.
BethelHouse of God.
BethesdaHouse of mercy or house of grace.
BethlehemHouse of bread.
BethphageHouse of figs.
BethsaidaHouse of fish, or house of fishers.
Birthright   See also Firstborn.
Bishop   See also Ministry.
BoanergesSons of thunder.
BoazIn him is might, or splendor.
Brimstone or sulphur.
Bul   See Calendar.