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Ebal, Mount   See also Gerizim.
Eben-ezerStone of Help.
Egypt   See Chronology.
ElMight, strength.
El-bethelGod of Bethel.
El-elohe-IsraelGod, the God of Israel.
Elah, Valley ofValley of the terebinths.
Elders   See also Ministry.
EleazarGod hath helped.
Election   See also Abraham, Covenant of.
Eli2My God.
EliakimGod raiseth up.
EliezerGod is help.
ElihuGod (is) he.
ElijahJehovah is my God.
ElishaGod of salvation or God shall save.
EloiMy God.    See Elias.
Elul   See Calendar.
ElymasWise man or sorcerer.    See Bar-jesus.
Embalming   See also Burial.
EmimsTerrible men.
Emmanuel   See Immanuel.
Emmaus2or Nicopolis.
En-gediFountain of the kid.
Enoch   See also Pseudepigrapha.
Ephesus   See also John.
Ephod   See also Gideon.
Ephrath, EphratahFruitful.
Esdraelon   See also Megiddo.
Esdras   See Apocrypha.
Ethanim   See Calendar.
Ethiopia(or Cush).
EzekielGod will strengthen.