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He laugheth.
The son born to Abraham and Sarah in their old age, the child of promise, and the heir of the promises (Gen. 15: 1-6; Gen. 17: 15-19; Gen. 18: 9-15; Gen. 21: 1-8). The main interest of his life gathers around his birth, the sacrifice on Mount Moriah (Gen. 22), his marriage (Gen. 24; 25), and his dealings with his sons (Gen. 27; 28). There are numerous references to him in various parts of the Bible (see especially Gal. 4: 28; Heb. 11: 9, 17, 20). In character he appears to have been a peace-loving shepherd, of great personal piety, full of affection for the members of his own family. In D&C 132: 37 we are told that Isaac is now exalted and sits upon a throne with Abraham and Jacob. Cf. Matt. 8: 11.