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Jambres   See Jannes.
Jamnia   See also Canon; Masoretic Text.
Jasher or JasharUpright.
JehoiachinJehovah shall establish.
JehoiadaJehovah knows.
JehoiakimThe Lord raiseth up.    See Chronological Tables.
Jehovah-jirehThe Lord will provide, or will see.    See Moriah.
Jehovah-nissiThe Lord is my banner.
Jehovah-shalomThe Lord is peace.
Jehovah-shammahHeb., translated The Lord is there.
JerubbaalHe that striveth with Baal.
Jerusalem   See also Jebus; Salem.
JeshuaThe Lord saveth.
Jezebel   See also Athaliah.
John Mark   See Mark.
John, Gospel of   See also Gospels; John.
Joppa(modern Jaffa).
JoshuaGod is help.