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The following maps can help you to better understand the scriptures. By knowing the geography of the lands discussed in the scriptures, you can better understand scriptural events. For more detailed information on a particular biblical site, please refer to the Bible Dictionary.

Following is a key to understanding the different symbols and typefaces used on the maps. In addition, individual maps may contain keys with explanations of additional symbols pertaining to that particular map.

A round, red dot represents a city or town. A line may sometimes point from the dot to the name of the city or location.
A small black triangle represents a mountain.
This typeface (italic) is used for geographic places such as oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, mountains, wildernesses, valleys, deserts, and islands.
This typeface (roman) is used for all cities and towns (and for the detailed locations on the Jerusalem city map).
This typeface (small capitals) is used for smaller political divisions such as regions, peoples, and tribes.
This typeface (large capitals) is used for larger political divisions such as nations, countries, and continents.