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Mount Gerizim and Mount Ebal
These two mountains overlook the ancient city of Shechem, where Joseph’s bones were buried (see Josh. 24:32).
Looking westward. On the left is Mount Gerizim, and on the right, Mount Ebal. Pictured here is modern Nablus. The ancient city of Shechem was situated between these two mountains in the valley below.
Significant Events:
Abraham camped at Shechem (Gen. 12:6-7). Jacob camped here and bought a parcel of ground (Gen. 33:18-20). Mount Gerizim was the mount of blessing, while Mount Ebal was the mount of cursing (Deut. 27-28). At Mount Ebal, Joshua erected a monument bearing the law of Moses and then read the law to the Israelites (Josh. 8:30-35). The bones of Joseph are buried in Shechem (Josh. 24:32). (See Bible Dictionary, “Gerizim and Ebal.”)