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The Missouri, Illinois, and Iowa Area of the USA
1. Independence Identified as the center place of Zion (see D&C 57:3). A temple site was dedicated on 3 August 1831. The Saints were driven from here in 1833.
2. Fishing River Joseph Smith and Zion’s Camp traveled from Kirtland, Ohio, to Missouri in 1834 to restore the Jackson County Saints to their land. D&C 105 was revealed on the banks of this river.
3. Far West This was the largest Mormon settlement in Missouri. A site for a temple was dedicated at this location (see D&C 115). On 8 July 1838, the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles received a call from the Lord to serve missions in the British Isles (see D&C 118).
4. Adam-ondi-Ahman The Lord identified this place in upper Missouri as the site where a future great gathering will take place when Jesus Christ comes to meet with Adam and his righteous posterity and receive keys (see D&C 78:15; 107:53-57; 116).
5. Liberty Jail Joseph Smith and others were falsely imprisoned here from December 1838 to April 1839. In the midst of troubled times for the Church, Joseph called on the Lord for direction and received D&C 121-23.
6. Nauvoo Located on the Mississippi River, this area was the gathering place for the Saints from 1839 through 1846. Here a temple was built, and ordinances such as baptism for the dead, the endowment, and the sealing of families began. Here the Relief Society was organized in 1842. Revelations received include D&C 124-29.
7. Carthage Here the Prophet Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum were martyred on 27 June 1844 (see D&C 135).
8. Winter Quarters The headquarters settlement for the Saints (1846-48) en route to the Salt Lake Valley. The Camp of Israel was organized for the westward journey (see D&C 136).
9. Council Bluffs (Kanesville) The First Presidency was sustained here on 27 December 1847, with Brigham Young as President.