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Revelation given through Joseph Smith the Prophet to Newel Knight, at Kirtland, Ohio, June 1831. HC 1: 180–181. Members of the Church in the branch at Thompson, Ohio, were divided on questions having to do with the consecration of properties. Selfishness and greed were manifest, and Leman Copley had broken his covenant to consecrate his large farm as a place of inheritance for the saints arriving from Colesville, New York. Ezra Thayre was also involved in the controversy. As a consequence, Newel Knight (president of the branch at Thompson) and other elders had come to the Prophet asking how to proceed. The Prophet inquired of the Lord and received this revelation. See also Section 56, which is a continuation of the matter.
1–6, The saints must keep the gospel covenant to gain mercy; 7–10, They must be patient in tribulation.
  1 Behold, thus saith the Lord, even aAlpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, even he who was bcrucified for the sins of the world—
  2 Behold, verily, verily, I say unto you, my servant Newel Knight, you shall stand fast in the office whereunto I have appointed you.
  3 And if your brethren desire to escape their enemies, let them repent of all their sins, and become truly ahumble before me and contrite.
  4 And as the covenant which they made unto me has been abroken, even so it has become bvoid and of none effect.
  5 And wo to him by whom this aoffense cometh, for it had been better for him that he had been drowned in the depth of the sea.
  6 But blessed are they who have kept the acovenant and observed the bcommandment, for they shall obtain cmercy.
  7 Wherefore, go to now and flee the land, lest your enemies come upon you; and take your journey, and appoint whom you will to be your leader, and to pay moneys for you.
  8 And thus you shall take your journey into the regions westward, unto the land of aMissouri, unto the borders of the Lamanites.
  9 And after you have done journeying, behold, I say unto you, seek ye a aliving like unto men, until I prepare a place for you.
  10 And again, be apatient in tribulation until I bcome; and, behold, I come quickly, and my creward is with me, and they who have dsought me early shall find erest to their souls. Even so. Amen.