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  39 And then shall ye know that I have aseen Jesus, and that he hath talked with me bface to face, and that he told me in cplain humility, even as a man telleth another in mine own language, concerning these things;

Gen. 32: 30.
  30 And Jacob called the name of the place aPeniel: for I have bseen God cface to face, and my life is preserved.
Ex. 33: 11.
  11 And the Lord aspake unto Moses bface to face, as a man cspeaketh unto his dfriend. And he turned again into the camp: but his servant eJoshua, the son of fNun, a young man, departed not out of the tabernacle.
Num. 12: 8.
  8 With him will I aspeak bmouth to mouth, even apparently, and not in dark speeches; and the similitude of the Lord shall he cbehold: wherefore then were ye not afraid to speak against my servant Moses?
2 Ne. 32: 7.
  7 And now I, Nephi, cannot say more; the Spirit stoppeth mine utterance, and I am left to mourn because of the aunbelief, and the wickedness, and the ignorance, and the bstiffneckedness of men; for they will cnot search dknowledge, nor understand great knowledge, when it is given unto them in eplainness, even as plain as word can be.
Alma 13: 23.
  23 And they are made known unto us in aplain terms, that we may understand, that we cannot err; and this because of our being bwanderers in a strange land; therefore, we are thus highly favored, for we have these glad tidings declared unto us in all parts of our vineyard.