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Eye, Eyes
In the scriptures, the eye is often used as a symbol of a person’s ability to receive the light of God. Symbolically, a person’s eye also shows spiritual condition and an understanding of the things of God.
The commandment of the Lord is pure, enlightening the eyes, Ps. 19: 8. The foolish have eyes and see not, Jer. 5: 21 (Mark 8: 18). The light of the body is the eye, Matt. 6: 22 (Luke 11: 34; 3 Ne. 13: 22; D&C 88: 67). Blessed are your eyes for they see, Matt. 13: 16. The eyes of your understanding will be enlightened, Eph. 1: 17-18. Wo unto the wise in their own eyes, 2 Ne. 15: 21 (Isa. 5: 21). They began to fast and to pray that the eyes of the people might be opened, Mosiah 27: 22. Satan did blind their eyes, 3 Ne. 2: 2. None can have power to bring the Book of Mormon forth except with an eye single to God’s glory, Morm. 8: 15. By the power of the Spirit our eyes were opened and our understandings enlightened, D&C 76: 12. The light is through him who enlighteneth your eyes, D&C 88: 11. If your eye be single to my glory, your whole bodies shall be filled with light, D&C 88: 67.