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Word of Wisdom
A law of health revealed by the Lord for the physical and spiritual benefit of the Saints (D&C 89). It has become commonly referred to as the Word of Wisdom. The Lord has always taught his followers principles of health. The Lord revealed to Joseph Smith which types of foods to eat and which to avoid, along with a promise of temporal and spiritual blessings for obeying the Word of Wisdom.
Do not drink wine nor strong drink, Lev. 10: 9. Wine is a mocker, and strong drink is raging, Prov. 20: 1. Strong drink shall be bitter to them that drink it, Isa. 24: 9. Daniel would not defile himself with the king’s meat and wine, Dan. 1: 8. If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy, 1 Cor. 3: 16-17. Drunkards shall not inherit the kingdom of God, 1 Cor. 6: 10 (Gal. 5: 21). Whoso forbiddeth that man should not eat meats is not ordained of God, D&C 49: 18-21. All things which come of the earth are to be used with judgment, not to excess, D&C 59: 20. The Lord counseled the Saints to not use wine, strong drinks, tobacco, and hot drinks, D&C 89: 1-9. Herbs, fruits, flesh, and grain are ordained for the use of man and of animals, D&C 89: 10-17. Obedience to the Word of Wisdom brings temporal and spiritual blessings, D&C 89: 18-21.