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Aaron1Brother of Moses    See also Bishop; Priesthood, Aaronic; BD Aaron
Aaron2Jaredite king
Aaron3Son of Mosiah2 [c. 100 B.C.]    See also Mosiah2, Sons of
Aaron4King of Lamanites [c. A.D. 330]
Aaron, City of— [possibly two different cities]
Abase   See also Humble
AbelSon of Adam    See also BD Abel
Abide   See also Dwell; Obedience; Remain
AbinadiNephite prophet [c. 150 B.C.]
AbinadomNephite historian, son of Chemish [between 279 and 130 B.C.]
AbishLamanite woman, servant of Lamoni
AblomJaredite city
Abound   See also Abundance
AbrahamFather of faithful    See also Abrahamic Covenant; BD Abraham
Abundance   See also Fulness; Plenty; TG Abundant Life
Acceptable   See also Accept; Approve
Accomplish   See also Do; Fulfill; Perform
Accursed   See also Curse; Slippery
Accuse   See also Condemn
Acknowledge   See also Confess
Act   See also Agency; Deed; Walk; Work [noun]
AdamFirst man created on earth    See also Adam-ondi-Ahman; Eden, Garden of; Eve; Fall of Man; Man; Michael; TG Adam; BD Adam
Adam-ondi-ahman   See also Adam; Eden
Add   See also Increase
Adhere   See also Keep
Adorn   See also Pride; Vanity
Advantage   See also Gain
Adversary   See also Devil
Affection   See also Love
Afflicted   See also Affliction
Afraid   See also Fear
AgoshJaredite area
Agree   See also Unite
Agrippa   See also BD Agrippa
AhaNephite military officer [c. 80 B.C.]
AhahJaredite king, son of Seth2.
AkishJaredite king, son of Kimnor
Alive   See also Living; Quicken
Allot   See also Give
Allowance   See also Abhor
Alma1Nephite prophet, founder of the church [c. 173-91 B.C.]
Alma2Son of Alma1, first chief judge, high priest [c. 100-73 B.C.]
Alma, Valley ofA day’s travel north of city of Helam
Alter   See also Change
Amaleki1Nephite record keeper [c. 130 B.C.]
Amaleki2Part of expedition that seeks Zeniff’s group [c. 121 B.C.]    See also Ammon1
AmalekitesGroup of Nephite apostates
AmalickiahNephite traitor [c. 50 B.C.]
AmalickiahitesFollowers of Amalickiah
AmaronSon of Omni, Nephite record keeper
Ambition   See also Aspire
Amen   See also BD Amen
AmgidJaredite king
AminadabNephite dissenter living among Lamanites [c. 30 B.C.]
AminadiDescendant of Nephi1, ancestor of Amulek
AmliciNephite dissenter [c. 87 B.C.]    See also Amlicites
AmlicitesNephite faction desiring king
AmmahMissionary companion of Aaron3
AmmaronNephite record keeper [c. A.D. 306]
Ammon1Leader of expedition to land of Nephi [c. 121 B.C.]
Ammon2Son of Mosiah2, missionary to Lamanites [c. 100 B.C.]    See also Mosiah2, Sons of
Ammon2, People ofConverted Lamanites; also known as Anti-Nephi-Lehies or Ammonites    See also Helaman2, Sons of
Ammon, Children ofPeople in Palestine descended from Lot    See also BD Ammon, Ammonites
Ammonihah, City ofIn West, near cities of Melek, Noah, and Aaron
Ammonihah, Land ofTo the west of river Sidon    See Ammonihah, City of
AmmoronNephite traitor, brother of Amalickiah, descendant of Zoram1 [c. 66-61 B.C.]
AmnigaddahJaredite king
AmnihuHill on east of river Sidon
Amnor1Spy for Nephites [c. 87 B.C.]
Amnor2Nephite coin
AmoronA Nephite [c. A.D. 400-421]
Amos1Nephite record keeper [c. A.D. 110-194]
Amos2Nephite record keeper [c. A.D. 194-306]
AmozFather of Isaiah1 [c. 8th century B.C.]
AmulekMissionary companion of Alma2 [c. 82-74 B.C.]
AmulonLeader of priests of Noah3, tributary monarch under Laman3    See also Amulon, Children of; Amulon, Land of; Amulonites; Noah3, Priests of
Amulon, Children ofChildren of priests of Noah3    See also Amulonites
Amulon, Land ofSettled by Amulon and priests, between Zarahemla and Nephi
AmulonitesDescendants and followers of Amulon and priests of Noah3    See also Noah3, Priests of
AnathothLevite city near old Jerusalem
Ancient   See also Old; Primitive
AngolaNephite city
Ani-antiLamanite village in land of Nephi
Answer   See also Open; Prayer; Receive
Anti-Nephi-LehiBrother of Lamoni, king over converted Lamanites
AntiomnoLamanite king [early first century B.C.]
AntionNephite coin    See also Coin
AntionahA chief ruler in Ammonihah
AntionumNephite commander [c. A.D. 385]
Antionum, Land ofEast of Sidon
AntiparahNephite city
AntipusNephite commander [c. 65 B.C.]
Apocrypha   See also BD Apocrypha
Appease   See also Satisfy
Appoint   See also Appointment; Ordain
Appointment   See also Appoint
Approve   See also Accept; Acceptable
Arabic   See also Language
Archangel   See also Angel
ArcheantusNephite military officer [c. A.D. 385]
Arise   See also Rise
Armed   See also Arms
Armor   See also Helmet; Shield
Arms   See also Weapon
Army, Armies   See also Battle; Soldier; War
Arouse   See also Awake; Prick; Stir
Arrow   See also Bow; Weapon
Art   See also Skill
Ashamed   See also Shame
Ashes   See also Sackcloth
Aspire   See also Ambition
Ass   See also Animal
AssyriaCountry in western Asia    See also Assyrian; BD Assyria and Babylonia
AssyrianNative of Assyria    See also Assyria; BD Assyria
Astronomy   See also Moon; Star; Sun; World
Ate   See Eat
Athirst   See also Thirst, Thirsty
Attain   See also Obtain
Author   See also Founder
Avail   See also Profit
Avenge   See also Revenge; Vengeance