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Babblings   See also Gossip; Slander
Babe   See also Child; Infant
BabylonCapital of Babylonia, in southwest Asia    See also Church of the Devil; TG Babylon; BD Babylon
Backward   See Forward
Bad   See also Evil; Worse
Ball   See Liahona
Banner   See also Title of Liberty
Bar   See also Judgment; Judgment-Seat
Barge   See also Dish; Ship; Vessel
Barley   See also Grain
Bathe   See Tears
Beam   See Mote
Bear [noun]   See also Animal
Beast   See also Animal
Beat   See also Smite; Strike
Bee   See also Animal
Beg, Beggar   See also Plead; Poor
Beginning   See also Creation; End
Beguile   See also Deceit; Lying
Behold, Beheld   See also Look; See; View
Being [noun]   See also Personage
Benefit   See also Bless; Gain; Profit
BenjaminNephite prophet-king [c. 120 B.C.]
Bethabara   See also BD Bethabara
Bethel   See also BD Bethel
Better   See also Good; Well
Bishopric   See also Bishop; Counselor
Bleed   See also Blood
Blossom   See also Flourish
Blot   See also Cast; Cut; Excommunication
Boggs, Lilburn B.Governor of Missouri
Bond   See also Bondage; Freedom
Bone   See also Body
Borders   See also Boundaries
Bosom   See also Heart
Boundaries   See also Borders
Bountiful, City ofNephite city in land of Bountiful2    See also Bountiful, Land of2
Bountiful, Land of1Area in southern Arabia, near sea
Bountiful, Land of2Nephite territory north of Zarahemla    See also Bountiful, Land of1
Bow [noun]   See also Arrow; Weapon
Bowels   See also Mercy
Brass   See also Plates, Brass
Breast   See also Breastplate; Heart
Brethren   See Brother
Bridle   See also Control
Broad   See also Wide
Bruise   See also Hurt; Wound
Bush   See also BD Burning Bush
Bushel   See Candle
Buy, Bought   See also Purchase
By-word   See Hiss