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Jacob 2: 3 Jacob2 has been diligent in office of his calling.
Alma 13: 3-8 priests are called with a holy calling.
Alma 29: 13 God has called Alma2 with a holy calling.
Moro. 3: 4 priests and teachers are ordained according to gifts and callings of God unto men.
Moro. 7: 2 Mormon2 permitted to speak because of gift of Christ’s calling unto him.
D&C 18: 9 Oliver Cowdery and David Whitmer are called with same calling as Paul.
D&C 18: 32 declare gospel according to callings.
D&C 20: 27 those who believe in gifts and callings of God should be saved.
D&C 20: 60 every priesthood bearer ordained according to callings of God.
D&C 84: 33 those who magnify calling will be sanctified by Spirit.
D&C 84: 109 let every man labor in his own calling.
D&C 105: 35 day of calling to be followed by day of choosing.
D&C 112: 33 how great is your calling.