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Caesar   See also BD Caesar
CainSon of Adam    See also BD Cain
CainanSon of Enos1
Calm   See also Peace
CalnoPossibly town near Babylon
Candle   See also Candlestick; Lamp; Light
Canker   See also Corrupt
Captain   See also Commander
Carcass   See also Body
Care   See also Carefully
Carmel   See also BD Carmel
Carnage   See also Battle; Slaughter; War
Catch, Caught   See also Carry; Ensnare
Cattle   See also Animal; Beast; Herd; Ox
Cause   See also Reason
Cease   See also Miracle; Refrain; Stop; Strive
Cedars   See Lebanon
CezoramWicked chief judge of Nephites [c. 30 B.C.]
Changeable   See also Change
Charge   See also Instruction
Chariot   See also BD Chariot
Cheat   See also Deceit
Cheek   See Smite
ChemishNephite record keeper, son of Omni
Chickens   See also Animal; Hen
Chief   See also Captain; Judge, Chief
Cimeter   See also Sword; Weapon
Claim   See also Justice; Mercy; Profess
Class   See also Ranks
Clay   See also Tabernacle
Clear   See also Plain
Clerk   See also Recorder
Closet   See also Private; Secret
Cloth   See also Clothe; Clothing; Linen; Silk
Clothe   See also Clothing
Cloud   See also Smoke; Vapor
Coat   See also Clothing
Cohor1Brother of Noah2
Cohor2Early Jaredite king
Cohor3Late Jaredite
Com1Early Jaredite king
Com2Late Jaredite king
Commander   See also Captain
ComnorHill near Valley of Shur
Company, Companies   See also Host
Compass   See Liahona
Complain   See also Murmur; Reproach
Condition   See also State
Conduct   See Lead
Confidence   See also Faith; Trust
Confound   See also Confusion; Rebuke
Consciousness   See also Awake
Consider   See also Think
Control   See also Agency; Bridle; Compel; Handle
Copper   See also Metal; Ore
Cord   See also Band
CoriantonSon of Alma2 [c. 75 B.C.]
CoriantorA late Jaredite
Coriantum1Early Jaredite king
Coriantum2Middle Jaredite
Coriantumr1Early Jaredite
Coriantumr2Jaredite king, last Jaredite survivor
Coriantumr3Apostate Nephite, commander of Lamanite forces [c. 51 B.C.]
Corihor1Early Jaredite rebel
Corihor2Late Jaredite
Corihor, Land and Valley ofJaredite area
Corn   See also Grain; BD Corn
CoromMiddle Jaredite king
Corruptible   See also Corrupt
Corruptness   See also Corrupt
Countenance   See also Face; Visage
Courage   See also Faith; Fear; Strength; Valiant
Course   See also Direction; Lead; Path
Cover, Covering   See also Hide
Cow   See also Animal; Cattle
Creep, Creeping   See also Animal
Crooked   See also Straight
Crop   See also Grain
Cry   See also Groan; Lament; Mourn; Plead; Prayer; Wail; Weep
Crystal   See also Glass
Cumeni, City ofNephite city to southwest
CumenihahNephite commander [c. A.D. 385]
CummomsUnidentified animals    See also Animal
Cup   See also Drink
Cure   See also Heal; Restore
CurelomsUnidentified animals    See also Animal
Curtain   See also Veil
Custom   See also Tradition