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Death, Physical
1 Ne. 15: 31 doth this thing mean the final state of the soul after death of temporal body.
2 Ne. 9: 6 as death has passed upon all men, there must be a power of resurrection.
2 Ne. 9: 10, 19 God prepares way for escape from monster, death and hell, death of body and of spirit.
2 Ne. 9: 11-12 temporal and spiritual death shall deliver up their dead.
2 Ne. 10: 25 may God raise you from death by power of resurrection.
Mosiah 15: 8 (Mosiah 16: 7) Christ breaks bands of death.
Mosiah 16: 8-9 (Alma 22: 14; Alma 27: 28; Morm. 7: 5) sting of death is swallowed up in Christ, and there can be no more death.
Mosiah 27: 28 Alma2 repents nigh unto death.
Alma 1: 18 he who murders is punished unto death.
Alma 7: 12 (Alma 11: 42) Christ to take upon him death that he may loose the bands of temporal death.
Alma 11: 45 mortal body is raised from first death unto life.
Alma 12: 23-24 because Adam partook of forbidden fruit, temporal death comes upon mankind.
Alma 15: 17 people pray continually that they might be delivered from Satan and death.
Alma 27: 28 people of Ammon2 never look upon death with any degree of terror.
Alma 40: 11-14 state of soul between death and resurrection.
Alma 42: 9 (Hel. 14: 16) fall brought upon mankind both a spiritual death and a temporal death.
Alma 55: 3 Moroni1 will seek death among Lamanites until they sue for peace.
Hel. 12: 3 except the Lord visits his people with death, they will not remember him.
3 Ne. 28: 7-8, 25, 37-38 (Ether 12: 17) three Nephite disciples shall never taste of death.
D&C 7: 2 John the apostle asks for power over death.
D&C 29: 42 Adam was not to die temporal death until the Lord sent angels to teach him.
D&C 29: 43 by natural death men are raised in immortality unto eternal life.
D&C 42: 46 those who die in the Lord shall not taste death.
D&C 42: 47 bitter death of those who die not in the Lord.
D&C 42: 48 those not appointed unto death shall be healed.
D&C 45: 2 hearken unto the Lord’s voice lest death overtake you and soul not saved.
D&C 50: 5 they who are faithful in life or death shall inherit eternal life.
D&C 50: 8 hypocrites shall be cut off, in life or death.
D&C 58: 2 he who keeps commandments, whether in life or death, receives greater reward.
D&C 63: 50-51 during Millennium, the old will be changed in twinkling of eye.
D&C 88: 116 the sanctified shall not any more see death.
D&C 98: 14 the Lord will test you unto death.
D&C 101: 29 there shall be no sorrow because there is no death.
D&C 101: 36 fear not even unto death.
D&C 110: 13 Elijah did not taste death.
D&C 121: 44 show love, that thy faithfulness may be seen as stronger than cords of death.
D&C 124: 130 man’s priesthood remains after death.
D&C 132: 13 whatever is not of the Lord ceases at death.
D&C 138: 16 the Son declares redemption from bands of death.
D&C 138: 18 spirits rejoice in deliverance from chains of death.
D&C 138: 23 saints acknowledge Christ as Deliverer from death.
Moses 4: 25 death came through disobedience.
Moses 6: 48, 59 death came by fall of Adam.