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Enos 1: 9 Enos feels desire for welfare of Nephites.
Mosiah 18: 10-11 desire of Benjamin’s people is to be baptized.
Alma 29: 4 God grants unto men according to their desires.
Alma 32: 27 if ye can no more than desire to believe, let this desire work in you.
Alma 41: 5 man will be raised to happiness goodness, or evil according to desires.
3 Ne. 18: 18 Satan desireth to have you.
D&C 3: 4 man who follows dictates of carnal desires must fall.
D&C 4: 3 if ye have desires to serve God, ye are called.
D&C 6: 3 (D&C 11: 3; D&C 12: 3; D&C 14: 3) who desireth to reap, let him reap.
D&C 6: 8 (D&C 7: 8; D&C 11: 8, 17) as you desire of me, so shall it be done.
D&C 6: 20 the Lord speaks to Oliver Cowdery because of his desires.
D&C 6: 27 desire to lay up treasures in heaven.
D&C 7: 8 Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery to have their desires, for they joy in that which they desired.
D&C 11: 10 Hyrum Smith to have gift if he desires it of the Lord in faith.
D&C 11: 21 if you desire, you shall have my Spirit.
D&C 18: 38 by their desires you shall know the Twelve.
D&C 20: 37 all who desire to be baptized shall be received by baptism into church.
D&C 43: 12-13 if ye desire glories and mysteries, uphold the prophet.
D&C 52: 12 Satan desireth to sift him as chaff.
D&C 67: 1 desires of elders came up before the Lord.
D&C 88: 121 cease from all lustful desires.
D&C 95: 16 part of the Lord’s house dedicated to offering of most holy desires.
D&C 101: 6 because of covetous desires, saints polluted inheritances.
D&C 137: 9 the Lord judges according to works and desire of men’s hearts.
Moses 4: 12 tree to be desired to make wise.
Moses 4: 22 thy desire shall be to thy husband.
Moses 5: 23 Satan desireth to have thee.
JS-H 1: 15 Joseph offers up desires of heart unto God.