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Diligence, Diligent, Diligently
1 Ne. 10: 19 he who diligently seeks shall find.
1 Ne. 16: 28-29 (Mosiah 1: 16) pointers and writing on Liahona affected by diligence of people.
Jacob 1: 19 priests answer sins of people on own heads if they do not teach with diligence.
Mosiah 1: 7 (3 Ne. 23: 1) search records diligently, that ye may profit thereby.
Mosiah 1: 11 Benjamin’s people have been diligent in keeping commandments.
Mosiah 4: 27 man should be diligent, that thereby he might win prize.
Mosiah 7: 33 if ye will serve God with all diligence of mind, he will deliver you.
Alma 7: 23 I would that ye should be diligent in keeping commandments.
Alma 12: 9 men are granted portion of mysteries according to diligence they give God.
Alma 17: 2 sons of Mosiah2 wax strong in knowledge of truth, for they searched scriptures diligently.
Alma 32: 42-43 because of diligence in nourishing word, ye may pluck fruit.
Alma 38: 10 be diligent and temperate.
Alma 40: 3 Alma2 has inquired diligently of God regarding mystery of resurrection.
Alma 49: 30 Nephites enjoy peace and prosperity because of diligence they give unto word of God.
3 Ne. 6: 14 a few of converted Lamanites still willing with diligence to keep commandments.
Moro. 8: 26 love endures by diligence unto prayer.
D&C 4: 6 diligence a requirement for serving God.
D&C 6: 20 (D&C 136: 42) be diligent in keeping commandments.
D&C 10: 4 be diligent unto the end.
D&C 18: 8 he who is diligent in keeping commandments will be blessed unto eternal life.
D&C 21: 7 the Lord knows Joseph Smith’s diligence.
D&C 59: 4 those who are diligent to be blessed with commandments and revelations.
D&C 70: 15 commandment given for reward of diligence.
D&C 75: 29 let every man be diligent in all things.
D&C 84: 43 give diligent heed to words of eternal life.
D&C 88: 78 teach ye diligently.
D&C 88: 118 seek diligently and teach one another words of wisdom.
D&C 90: 24 search diligently, pray always.
D&C 93: 50 see that children are more diligent and concerned at home.
D&C 98: 10 honest and wise men should be sought for diligently.
D&C 103: 36 victory and glory brought through diligence.
D&C 104: 79 blessing obtained by diligence.
D&C 107: 99 each man to learn his duty and to act diligently in office.
D&C 124: 49 promise given those who cease not their diligence.
D&C 127: 4 let your diligence be redoubled.
D&C 130: 19 person who gains more knowledge and intelligence through diligence has advantage in world to come.
D&C 136: 27 be diligent in preserving what thou hast.