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Equal, Equality
Jacob 5: 66, 73 root and top of tree should be equal in strength.
Jacob 5: 74 fruits of trees become equal.
Mosiah 27: 3 commandment throughout all churches that there should be equality among all men.
Mosiah 29: 38 every man should have equal chance.
Alma 1: 26 teacher and learner are all equal.
Alma 30: 11 all men are on equal grounds before law.
3 Ne. 28: 39 change in three Nephite disciples not equal to change to take place at last day.
D&C 51: 3, 9 every man equal according to his family.
D&C 70: 14 be equal in temporal things.
D&C 76: 95 church of Firstborn, equal in power, might, dominion.
D&C 78: 5 saints to be equal in both heavenly and earthly things.
D&C 78: 6 if not equal in earthly things, cannot be equal in obtaining heavenly things.
D&C 82: 17 saints to have equal claims on property to manage stewardships.
D&C 88: 107 saints to be made equal with the Lamb.
D&C 88: 122 every man to have equal privilege.
D&C 90: 6 counselor accounted equal with prophet in holding keys of kingdom.
D&C 102: 16 every man to speak according to equity and justice before court.
D&C 107: 24 Quorum of Twelve equal in authority to that of Presidency.
D&C 107: 36-37 standing high councils form quorum equal in authority to quorum of presidency or traveling high council.
D&C 107: 68 office of bishop not equal to Presiding High Priest over High Priesthood.
D&C 134: 3 magistrates required to administer law in equity and justice.