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Eternal Life
2 Ne. 2: 27-29 (2 Ne. 10: 23) men are free to choose eternal life or eternal death.
2 Ne. 9: 39 to be spiritually minded is life eternal.
2 Ne. 31: 18 those who repent and are baptized are in narrow path which leads to eternal life.
2 Ne. 33: 4 to believe in Christ and endure to end is life eternal.
Jacob 6: 11 continue in narrow way until ye obtain eternal life.
Enos 1: 3 Jacob2 taught Enos2 concerning eternal life.
Mosiah 26: 20 the Lord covenants with Alma1 that he shall have eternal life.
Alma 19: 6 light of everlasting life lit up Lamoni’s soul.
Alma 28: 14 great reason of rejoicing because of light of Christ unto life.
Hel. 12: 26 (3 Ne. 26: 5) they who have done good shall have everlasting life.
Hel. 14: 31 God has given unto man to choose life or death.
3 Ne. 5: 13 Mormon2 declares Christ’s word, so that his people might have everlasting life.
3 Ne. 15: 9 unto him who endures to end shall the Lord give eternal life.
Ether 3: 14 in Christ shall mankind have life.
Moro. 7: 41 ye shall have hope, through atonement and resurrection, to be raised unto life eternal.
D&C 5: 22 Joseph Smith granted eternal life if obedient.
D&C 6: 7 (D&C 11: 7) he who has eternal life is rich.
D&C 10: 50 those in this land who believe in gospel shall have eternal life.
D&C 14: 7 (D&C 50: 5; D&C 66: 12) those who endure to end will have eternal life.
D&C 14: 7 eternal life is greatest of all gifts of God.
D&C 18: 8 the diligent are blessed unto eternal life.
D&C 20: 14 those who accept Book of Mormon receive crown of eternal life.
D&C 20: 26 those who believe words of prophets have eternal life.
D&C 29: 27 the righteous will be gathered on the Lord’s right hand unto eternal life.
D&C 29: 43 by natural death men are raised in immortality unto eternal life.
D&C 42: 61 if thou shalt ask, thou shalt receive that which brings eternal life.
D&C 45: 5 come unto God and have everlasting life.
D&C 45: 8 those who believe on the Lord’s name are given power to obtain eternal life.
D&C 51: 19 faithful steward to inherit eternal life.
D&C 59: 23 he who does work of righteousness shall receive peace and eternal life.
D&C 68: 12 power given to seal up unto eternal life those of whom the Father bears record.
D&C 75: 5 (D&C 138: 51) he who is faithful will be crowned with immortality and eternal life.
D&C 88: 4 Comforter is promise of eternal life.
D&C 98: 13 he who lays down life for the Lord’s sake shall find eternal life.
D&C 130: 2 same sociality existing here will exist there, coupled with eternal glory.
D&C 132: 24 this is eternal lives - to know the only wise and true God.
D&C 132: 55 Joseph Smith to be given crowns of eternal lives in eternal worlds.
D&C 133: 62 the Lord will give eternal life to him who repents and sanctifies himself.
Moses 1: 39 work and glory of God is to bring to pass immortality and eternal life.
Moses 5: 11 eternal life given to the obedient.