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Eagle   See also Animal
Ear   See also Hear
Earthly   See also Earth; World
Ease   See also Comfort; Easiness
Eden, Garden ofHome of Adam and Eve    See also Adam; Fruit, Forbidden; BD Eden, Garden of
Edge   See Sharp
EgyptLand of Israel’s captivity    See also Egyptian; Egyptus; BD Egypt
Egyptian   See also Egypt; Language
Egyptus   See also Egypt
Element   See also Materials; Matter
Elephant   See also Animal; BD Elephant
Elias   See also Elijah; BD Elias
Elihu   See also BD Elihu
ElijahProphet of Israel [c. 900 B.C.]    See also Elias; BD Elijah
Elkenah   See also Gods; Idolatry
Embrace   See also Accept; Receive
EmerEarly Jaredite king
Employ   See also Hire
Empty   See also Desolate; Void; Waste
EmronNephite soldier
Enemy   See also Adversary; Foe; Oppressor
Engaged   See also Idleness
Enlarge   See also Grow; Increase
Enoch1Son of Cain    See also BD Enoch
Enoch2Great prophet, leader of city of Zion    See also Translated Beings; Zion
Enos1Grandson of Adam    See also BD Enos
Enos2Nephite prophet, record keeper
Enough   See also Sufficient
Ensample   See Example
Ensign   See also Standard
Ensnare   See also Captive; Catch; Snare
Enter   See also Come; Gate; Rest
Entreat   See also Exhort
Entrusted   See also Give
Epistle   See also Letter
Equity   See also Equal; Justice
Esaias   See also BD Esaias
EsromEarly Jaredite
Esteem   See also Love; Regard; Respect; Value; Worth
EthemLater Jaredite king
EtherLast great Jaredite prophet, record keeper
Euphrates   See River
EveMother of all living    See also Adam; Eden, Garden of; Parent; Woman; BD Eve
Evidence   See also Witness
Excommunication   See also Blot; Cast; Court; Cut
Excuse   See also Pardon
Expedient   See also Meet [adj.]
Experience   See also Adversity
Expound   See also Preach; Teach
Eye   See also See; Sight
EziasA prophet
EzromSilver coin    See also Coin