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Firmness, Firm, Firmer
1 Ne. 2: 10 Lehi1 admonishes Lemuel to be firm like valley.
Jacob 3: 1 look unto God with firmness of mind.
Jacob 3: 2 if minds are firm, ye may feast upon God’s love forever.
Jacob 4: 18 Jacob1 will unfold mysteries if not shaken from firmness in spirit.
Alma 24: 19 when Lamanites were brought to believe truth, they were firm.
Alma 27: 27 Ammonites are firm in faith of Christ.
Alma 34: 41 bear with afflictions with firm hope that ye shall one day rest from afflictions.
Alma 48: 13 Moroni1 is firm in faith of Christ.
Alma 57: 27 minds of Ammonites are firm.
Hel. 3: 35 more humble part of people wax firmer and firmer in faith of Christ.
Hel. 6: 1 Lamanites’ righteousness exceeds that of Nephites because of firmness.
Hel. 7: 7 earlier Nephites were firm to keep commandments.
Hel. 15: 7-8 those who come to change of heart are firm in faith.
Hel. 15: 10 because of Lamanites’ firmness, God will bless them.
3 Ne. 6: 14 church broken up, except for a few Lamanites who are firm.
Morm. 2: 25 Nephite army stands before Lamanite army with firmness.
Morm. 9: 28 ask with firmness unshaken that ye will yield to no temptation.
Moro. 7: 30 miracles and angels show themselves unto them of strong faith and firm mind.
D&C 5: 22 be firm in keeping commandments.
D&C 138: 14 spirits of faithful were firm in hope of resurrection.