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Alma 12: 31 having transgressed first commandments, first parents became as Gods, knowing good from evil.
Morm. 4: 14 Lamanites offer women and children as sacrifices unto their idol gods.
D&C 76: 58 inhabitants of celestial glory become gods.
D&C 121: 28 whether there be one God or many gods shall be manifest.
D&C 121: 32 council of Eternal God of all other gods.
D&C 132: 17 angels who do not abide law become not gods, but angels of God.
D&C 132: 18-19 if marriage sealed by Holy Spirit of promise, they can pass the gods appointed.
D&C 132: 20, 37 those who receive exaltation are gods and have no end.
D&C 132: 37 Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are gods, not angels.
Moses 4: 11 ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.
Abr. 1: 5-6 Abraham’s fathers have turned to worshipping gods of heathens.