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See also Children of God; Elect; Expectation; Inheritance; Seed
Mosiah 15: 11 those who hearken unto prophets and look forward to remission of sins are heirs of kingdom of God.
4 Ne. 1: 17 people are in one, children of Christ and heirs of kingdom of God.
D&C 7: 6 (D&C 76: 88) John to minister to heirs of salvation who dwell on earth.
D&C 52: 2 the Lord’s people a remnant of Jacob, heirs according to covenant.
D&C 70: 8 inhabitants of Zion to become heirs according to laws of kingdom.
D&C 86: 9 those who hold priesthood by lineage are lawful heirs according to flesh.
D&C 137: 7-8 those who would have accepted gospel shall be heirs of celestial kingdom.
D&C 138: 59 repentant sinners who pay penalty are heirs of salvation.
Abr. 1: 2 Abraham became rightful heir, a high priest.