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Hagar   See also BD Hagar
HagothNephite shipbuilder [c. 55 B.C.]
Hail   See also Destruction; Storm
Hair   See also Head; Shave
Ham   See also BD Ham
Handle   See also Control; Feel
Haran   See also BD Haran
Haran, Land of   See also BD Haran
Hard   See also Hardheartedness; Harsh
Harm   See also Harmless; Hurt; Mischief
Harrow   See also Terror; Torment
Harvest   See also Reap; Thrash
Haste, Hasten   See also Rash
Havoc   See also Confusion
Head   See also Hair; Order
HearthomEarly Jaredite king
Heat   See also Hot
Heathen   See also Gentile
Heavenly   See also Heaven
Hebrew   See also Language; BD Hebrew
Hedge   See also Punishment
Heel   See also Foot
Height   See Depth
Heir   See also Children of God; Elect; Expectation; Inheritance; Seed
HelamConvert from among people of Noah3 [c. 147 B.C.]
Helam, Land ofLand inhabited by people of Alma1
Helaman1Son of king Benjamin [c. 130 B.C.]
Helaman2Son of Alma2, prophet, military commander [c. 74 B.C.]
Helaman2, Sons ofChildren of converted Lamanites known as Ammonites [c. 64 B.C.]    See also Ammon2, People of
Helaman3Son of Helaman2, record keeper, chief judge [c. 53 B.C.]
HelemBrother of Ammon1
Helmet   See also Armor
HelorumSon of Benjamin [c. 130 B.C.]
HemBrother of Ammon
Hen   See also Animal; Chickens
Herb   See also Food; Grass
Herd   See also Animal; Cattle; Flock
Heritage   See also Inheritance
HermountsWilderness on west and north
Heth1Early Jaredite
Heth2Middle Jaredite
Hew, Hewn   See also Cut
Hiddekel   See River
Hide, Hid, Hidden   See also Cover
Highway   See also Path; Road; Street; Way
HimniSon of Mosiah2 [c. 100-74 B.C.]    See also Mosiah2, Sons of
Hire   See also Employ; Wages
History   See also Account; Record
Hold   See also Keep; Power; Retain; Withhold
Home   See also Dwell, Dwelling
Honey   See also Bee
Honorable   See also Noble; Worthy
Hope   See also Faith; Trust
Horse   See also Animal
Hosanna   See also BD Hosanna
Host   See also Lord of Hosts
Hostage   See Ransom
Hot   See also Heat; Word of Wisdom
Hour   See also Time; BD Hour
Household   See also Family
Human   See also Man; Mankind
Hurt   See also Harm; Wound
Hymn   See also Music; Song