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See also Alms; Charity; Give; Poor
Mosiah 4: 21, 26 (Mosiah 18: 27-28; Mosiah 21: 17; Alma 1: 27; Alma 34: 28) saints commanded to impart of substance for support of needy.
Mosiah 28: 1 sons of Mosiah2 desire to impart word of God to Lamanites.
Alma 12: 9 men commanded to impart only that portion of word which God grants unto men.
Alma 16: 14 Alma2 and Amulek impart word of God without any respect of persons.
Alma 32: 23 God imparteth his word by angels unto men.
D&C 11: 13 the Lord will impart his Spirit.
D&C 19: 26 Martin Harris is to impart freely to printing of Book of Mormon.
D&C 19: 34 impart all save that needed to support family.
D&C 42: 31 impart of substance unto the poor.
D&C 88: 123 learn to impart one to another as gospel requires.
D&C 104: 18 he who takes of abundance but imparts not his portion to the poor will lift up eyes in hell.
D&C 105: 3 saints do not impart of substance to poor as becometh saints.