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Inspire, Inspiration
Alma 43: 45 Nephites are inspired by better cause.
3 Ne. 6: 20 men inspired from heaven are sent forth to preach.
Moro. 7: 13 everything which inviteth to do good, love God, and serve him is inspired of God.
D&C 8: 2 the Lord will tell you in your mind and in your heart, by Holy Ghost.
D&C 9: 8 if it is right, the Lord will cause bosom to burn.
D&C 20: 7 God gave Joseph Smith commandments which inspired him.
D&C 20: 10 Book of Mormon given by inspiration.
D&C 20: 11 God inspires men and calls them to his holy work.
D&C 20: 26 prophets spoke as inspired by Holy Ghost.
D&C 21: 2, 7 Joseph Smith inspired to lay foundation of church.
D&C 21: 9 Joseph Smith’s words given by Comforter.
D&C 24: 6 it is given in the very moment what to speak or write.
D&C 28: 4 speak or teach whenever led by Comforter.
D&C 33: 8 open your mouths and they shall be filled.
D&C 34: 10 prophesy, and it shall be given by power of Holy Ghost.
D&C 43: 16 elders to be taught from on high.
D&C 85: 6 still small voice whispers through and pierces all things.
Moses 6: 5 those called of God write by spirit of inspiration.