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Instruction, Instruct
1 Ne. 17: 18 Nephi1 instructed of the Lord to build ship.
1 Ne. 19: 3 things written on plates should be kept for instruction of people.
2 Ne. 2: 5 men are sufficiently instructed that they know good from evil.
2 Ne. 18: 11 (Isa. 8: 11) the Lord instructed me that I should not walk in way of this people.
Alma 47: 36 dissenters, who have been instructed in knowledge of the Lord, become more hardened than Lamanites.
Alma 49: 8 Nephites prepared to battle after manner of instructions of Moroni1.
3 Ne. 3: 26 Gidgiddoni causes Nephites to make armor after manner of his instruction.
Ether 2: 16 Jaredites build barges according to instructions of the Lord.
D&C 1: 26 commandments instruct those who seek wisdom.
D&C 6: 14 those who inquire receive instruction of Spirit.
D&C 33: 16 Book of Mormon scriptures given for instruction.
D&C 43: 8 saints should assemble to instruct and edify each other.
D&C 55: 4 schools to be established so that children may receive instruction.
D&C 88: 78 those who teach diligently will be instructed more perfectly in doctrine.
D&C 88: 127 school of prophets established for instruction in all things.
D&C 97: 13 the Lord’s house a place of instruction for those called to ministry.
D&C 124: 88 await instructions at general conference.
D&C 132: 3 obey instructions given by the Lord.
D&C 138: 36 the Redeemer instructs faithful spirits to teach gospel.
JS-H 1: 54 Joseph Smith receives instruction from Moroni2 each year.