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1 Ne. 6: 4 fulness of mine intent is to persuade men to come unto God.
2 Ne. 31: 13 if ye follow Son with real intent, ye shall receive Holy Ghost.
Jacob 2: 19 seek riches for intent to do good.
Jacob 4: 5 Nephites keep law of Moses for intent of pointing souls to Christ.
Mosiah 5: 13 how knoweth a man the master who is far from intents of his heart.
Alma 18: 32 God knows thoughts and intents of heart.
Alma 34: 15 intent of last sacrifice is to bring about bowels of mercy.
Moro. 6: 8 as oft as they repented with real intent, they were forgiven.
Moro. 7: 6 except a man offereth a gift with real intent, it profiteth him nothing.
Moro. 7: 9 if a man prays without real intent, it profiteth him nothing.
Moro. 10: 4 if ye ask God with real intent, he will manifest the truth unto you.
D&C 6: 16 (D&C 33: 1) only God knows intents of heart.
D&C 88: 20 for this intent was earth made and created.
D&C 88: 109 intents of hearts to be made known.