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Illuminate   See also Enlighten
Impart   See also Alms; Charity; Give; Poor
Improve   See also Increase
Incorrect   See also False
Indebted   See also Blessing; Debt; Owe
Indian Tribes   See also Lamanites
Inequality   See also Equal; Pride; Ranks
Inquire   See also Ask; Pray; Question; Seek
Insect   See also Curse; Judgment
Interest   See also Tithing
Invite   See also Entice; Lead
IradGrandson of Cain
Iron   See also Metal; Ore; Rod; Steel; Yoke
IrreantumProbably an arm of Indian Ocean off southeastern Arabia
IsaacSon of Abraham    See also BD Isaac
IsabelHarlot in land of Siron [c. 73 B.C.]
Isaiah1Hebrew prophet [c. 800 B.C.]    (see also BD Isaiah)
Isaiah2One of the twelve Nephite disciples [c. A.D. 34]
Ishmael1An Ephraimite from Jerusalem [c. 600 B.C.]    See also Ishmael1, Sons of; Ishmaelite
Ishmael2Grandfather of Amulek
Ishmael, Land ofPortion of land of Nephi
Ishmaelite, IshmaelitishDescendants of Ishmael1
Israelites   See also Israel