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Jerusalem, New
3 Ne. 20: 22 the Lord will establish this people in this land, and it shall be a New Jerusalem.
3 Ne. 21: 23 Gentiles shall assist remnant of Israel in building New Jerusalem.
3 Ne. 21: 24 those scattered shall be gathered unto New Jerusalem.
Ether 13: 2-6 New Jerusalem shall come down out of heaven unto this land.
Ether 13: 5 rebuilt Jerusalem could not be a new Jerusalem.
Ether 13: 10 blessed are they who dwell in New Jerusalem.
D&C 28: 9 (D&C 42: 9, 35, 62; D&C 48: 5) time and place for building New Jerusalem shall be revealed.
D&C 42: 35 consecration of properties for building New Jerusalem.
D&C 42: 36 New Jerusalem built for gathering of covenant people.
D&C 42: 67 covenants promised to saints in New Jerusalem.
D&C 45: 66-69 New Jerusalem a place of peace, refuge, safety.
D&C 45: 67 glory of the Lord shall be in New Jerusalem, and it shall be called Zion.
D&C 45: 68, 70 wicked to fear Zion.
D&C 52: 43 the Lord to hasten the city of New Jerusalem.
D&C 84: 2, 4 saints to be gathered to Mount Zion, city of New Jerusalem.
D&C 84: 3-4 New Jerusalem to be built beginning at temple lot.
D&C 124: 51 reason why New Jerusalem was not built.
D&C 133: 56 resurrected saints to stand with Lamb upon holy city.
Moses 7: 62 the Lord to gather his elect to Holy City called Zion, a New Jerusalem.
A of F 10 Zion (the New Jerusalem) will be built upon American continent.