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Jacob2   See also Jacobites
Jacob4   See also Jacobugath
JacobitesDescendants of Jacob1
JacobugathCity of followers of Jacob4
Japheth   See also BD Japheth
Jared1Father of Enoch2
Jared2Founder of Jaredites    See also Jared2, Brother of; Jaredites
Jared2, Brother ofFirst Jaredite prophet
Jared3Early Jaredite king
JareditesDescendants of Jared2, his brother, and his friends
JaromNephite prophet [c. 420 B.C.]
Javelin   See also Weapon
JeneamNephite commander [c. A.D. 385]
Jeremiah1Hebrew prophet, contemporary of Lehi1 [c. end of seventh century B.C.]    See also BD Jeremiah
Jeremiah2One of twelve Nephite disciples [c. A.D. 34]
Jershon, Land of1Land in Middle East
Jershon, Land of2Land on east by sea, south of land Bountiful    See also Ammon2, People of
Jerusalem1Chief city of Jews and surrounding area    See also Jerusalem, New; Jew; BD Jerusalem; BD Judaea
Jerusalem2Lamanite city and land in land of Nephi
JesseFather of David [c. 1100 B.C.]    See also BD Jesse
Jesus Christ   See also Baptism; Believe; Blood; Charity; Church of God; Cornerstone; Day of the Lord; Faith; Fall of Man; Firstborn; Glory; God; God, Body of; God - Creator; God, Eternal Nature of; God, Foreknowledge of; God, Goodness of; God, Love of; God, Manifestations of; God, Omniscience of; God, Power of; God, Presence of; God, Wisdom of; God the Father; Gospel; Grace; Hand of the Lord; Jesus Christ - Advocate; Jesus Christ, Appearances of; Jesus Christ, Atonement through; Jesus Christ, Condescension of; Jesus Christ - Creator; Jesus Christ, Death of; Jesus Christ, First Coming of; Jesus Christ - Good Shepherd; Jesus Christ - Holy One of Israel; Jesus Christ - Immanuel; Jesus Christ - Jehovah; Jesus Christ - Lamb of God; Jesus Christ - Lord; Jesus Christ - Lord of Hosts; Jesus Christ - Mediator; Jesus Christ - Messiah; Jesus Christ - Only Begotten Son; Jesus Christ - Redeemer; Jesus Christ, Resurrection of; Jesus Christ - Savior; Jesus Christ, Second Coming of; Jesus Christ - Son of God; Jesus Christ - Son of Man; Jesus Christ, Types of; Judgment; King; Light; Love; Mercy; Name of the Lord; Rest; Rock; Spirit, Holy/Spirit of the Lord; Word of God / Word of the Lord; TG Jesus Christ; TG Jesus Christ, Antemortal Existence of; TG Jesus Christ, Ascension of; TG Jesus Christ, Authority of; TG Jesus Christ, Baptism of; TG Jesus Christ, Betrayal of; TG Jesus Christ, Davidic Descent of; TG Jesus Christ, Exemplar; TG Jesus Christ, Family of; TG Jesus Christ, Firstborn; TG Jesus Christ, Foreordained; TG Jesus Christ, Glory of; TG Jesus Christ, Head of the Church; TG Jesus Christ, Judge; TG Jesus Christ, King; TG Jesus Christ, Light of the World; TG Jesus Christ, Messenger of the Covenant; TG Jesus Christ, Millennial Reign; TG Jesus Christ, Mission of; TG Jesus Christ, Power of; TG Jesus Christ, Prophecies about; TG Jesus Christ, Relationships with the Father; TG Jesus Christ, Rock; TG Jesus Christ, Second Comforter; TG Jesus Christ, Spirit of; TG Jesus Christ, Taking the Name of; TG Jesus Christ, Teaching Mode of; TG Jesus Christ, Temptation of; TG Jesus Christ, Trials of; BD Jesus
JoelProphet of Judah    See BD Joel
John the BelovedAlso known as the Revelator [c. first century A.D.]    See also BD John
Join   See also Cleave; Unite
Jonas1Son of Nephi3, one of twelve disciples [c. A.D. 34]
Jonas2One of twelve disciples [c. A.D. 34]
JordanRiver in Palestine    See also BD Jordan River
Joseph1Son of Jacob1 [c. 1700 B.C.]    See also Ephraim; Israel; Joseph1, Seed of; Manasseh; Smith, Joseph, Jr.; BD Joseph; BD Joseph, Stick of
Joseph1, Seed ofDescendants of Joseph1    See also Israel; Joseph1
Joseph2Son of Lehi1 [c. 595 B.C.]    See also Josephites
JosephitesDescendants of Joseph2    See also Joseph2
JoshNephite commander [c. A.D. 385]
Joshua, Land ofLand in borders west, by seashore
JubalSon of Lamech1
Judea, City ofNephite city