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1 Ne. 22: 4 many are already lost from knowledge of Jews.
2 Ne. 4: 23 God hath given Nephi1 knowledge by visions in nighttime.
2 Ne. 6: 11 Jews shall come to knowledge of Redeemer.
2 Ne. 9: 13 after the resurrection our knowledge shall be perfect.
2 Ne. 9: 14 we shall have a perfect knowledge of guilt.
2 Ne. 15: 13 (Isa. 5: 13) my people are gone into captivity because they have no knowledge.
2 Ne. 21: 2 (Isa. 11: 2) spirit of knowledge shall rest upon him.
2 Ne. 21: 9 (2 Ne. 30: 15; Isa. 11: 9) earth shall be full of knowledge of the Lord.
2 Ne. 32: 7 men will not search knowledge, nor understand great knowledge.
Jacob 4: 12 why not speak of atonement and attain perfect knowledge of Christ.
W of M 1: 8 Mormon2 prays his brethren may come to knowledge of God.
Mosiah 3: 20 knowledge of Savior shall spread throughout every nation.
Mosiah 4: 12 ye shall grow in knowledge of glory of him who created you.
Mosiah 14: 11 (Isa. 53: 11) by his knowledge shall my righteous servant justify many.
Mosiah 18: 26 priests to wax strong in Spirit, having knowledge of God.
Mosiah 28: 1-2 (Alma 23: 5; Alma 37: 9) sons of Mosiah2 to bring Lamanites to knowledge of the Lord.
Mosiah 28: 17-18 account of Jaredites gives Nephites much knowledge in which they rejoice.
Alma 9: 19 Lamanites to destroy Nephites if they fall into sin after receiving so much knowledge from God.
Alma 18: 35 portion of Spirit dwelleth in me, which giveth me knowledge.
Alma 32: 34 your knowledge is perfect in that thing, and your faith is dormant.
Alma 37: 8-9 sacred records bring Lamanites to knowledge of the Lord.
Alma 47: 36 dissenters, who were instructed in same knowledge of the Lord, became more hardened.
Hel. 6: 34 Lamanites grow in knowledge of God.
Hel. 14: 30 God hath given you knowledge and hath made you free.
Hel. 15: 13 Lamanites to be brought to knowledge of Redeemer.
3 Ne. 5: 20 Christ has given much knowledge unto salvation.
3 Ne. 5: 23 Christ to bring remnant of seed of Joseph1 to knowledge of their Lord.
3 Ne. 16: 4 if Jews do not ask for knowledge of Nephites they shall receive it from writings.
3 Ne. 20: 13 scattered remnant of Israel shall be brought to knowledge of Redeemer.
Ether 3: 19-20 because of perfect knowledge brother of Jared2 could not be kept from beholding within veil.
Ether 4: 13 the Lord will show unto Gentiles greater things, knowledge of which is hidden because of unbelief.
Moro. 7: 15-17 way to judge is plain, that ye may know with perfect knowledge.
Moro. 10: 10 to another is given to teach word of knowledge by same Spirit.
D&C 1: 28 the humble to receive knowledge.
D&C 3: 16 knowledge of Savior has come through testimony of Jews.
D&C 3: 19-20 plates preserved that Lamanites might come to knowledge of fathers and the Lord’s promises.
D&C 4: 6 remember faith, virtue, knowledge.
D&C 8: 1 Oliver Cowdery to receive knowledge of whatever he asks in faith.
D&C 8: 9, 11 ask and receive knowledge through gift of Aaron1.
D&C 20: 13 those who have knowledge will be judged.
D&C 29: 49 whoso has knowledge is commanded to repent.
D&C 42: 61 if thou ask, thou shalt receive knowledge upon knowledge, to know mysteries and peaceable things.
D&C 46: 18 spiritual gift of word of knowledge.
D&C 50: 40 elders must grow in grace and knowledge of truth.
D&C 67: 5 elders have sought knowledge that they might express beyond this language.
D&C 84: 19 Melchizedek Priesthood holds key of knowledge of God.
D&C 84: 98 all who remain will be filled with knowledge of the Lord.
D&C 88: 79 (D&C 93: 53) obtain knowledge of countries and kingdoms.
D&C 89: 19 those who obey Word of Wisdom shall find great treasures of knowledge.
D&C 93: 24 truth is knowledge of things as they are, were, and are to come.
D&C 93: 53 elders should obtain knowledge of history, laws of God and men.
D&C 101: 25 the Lord’s knowledge and glory will dwell upon all the earth.
D&C 107: 31 if these qualities abound, quorums will not be unfruitful in knowledge of the Lord.
D&C 107: 71 high priest has knowledge of temporal things.
D&C 109: 67 Israel to come to knowledge of truth.
D&C 121: 26 hitherto unrevealed knowledge to be given to saints.
D&C 121: 33 Almighty pours down knowledge from heaven upon saints.
D&C 121: 42 pure knowledge shall greatly enlarge soul.
D&C 128: 14 keys of kingdom consist in key of knowledge.
D&C 128: 19 knowledge of God shall descend as dews of Carmel.
D&C 130: 19 if person gains more knowledge in this life, he will have advantage in world to come.
Moses 3: 9, 17 (Moses 4: 9, 28; Abr. 5: 13) tree of knowledge of good and evil.
Abr. 1: 2 Abraham desires to possess great knowledge.