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Live [verb]
Mosiah 4: 13 ye will not have a mind to injure one another, but to live peaceably.
Mosiah 27: 31 they who live without God in world shall confess that his judgment is just.
Alma 33: 19 (Alma 37: 46-47; Hel. 8: 15) type was raised in wilderness that whosoever would look upon it might live.
Alma 37: 47 look to God and live.
Alma 42: 3 if Adam had partaken of tree of life, he would have lived forever.
3 Ne. 15: 9 look unto Christ and endure to end, and ye shall live.
3 Ne. 28: 2 disciples desire to come speedily into Christ’s kingdom after they have lived unto age of man.
D&C 42: 44 (D&C 124: 86) if those whom elders bless live, they shall live unto the Lord.
D&C 42: 45 live together in love.
D&C 45: 1 the Lord made all things which live.
D&C 45: 46 saints shall come unto the Lord, and their souls shall live.
D&C 59: 2 they who enter Zion and live shall inherit earth.
D&C 63: 50 the faithful who liveth when the Lord comes will be blessed.
D&C 76: 22 testimony that Christ lives.
D&C 84: 22 without greater priesthood no man can see God and live.
D&C 84: 44 (D&C 98: 11) live by every word that proceeds from mouth of God.
D&C 95: 13 the Lord does not give unto saints to live as the world.
D&C 110: 4 I am he who liveth.
D&C 135: 3 Joseph Smith lived great and died great.
D&C 138: 10, 34 (1 Pet. 4: 6) the dead hear gospel that they may live according to God in spirit.
Moses 4: 28 if Adam had eaten of tree of life, he would have lived forever.
Moses 4: 30 as the Lord liveth his words cannot return void.
Abr. 2: 24-25 Abraham to say Sarai is his sister, that his soul shall live.