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LabanCustodian of brass plates [c. 600 B.C.]    See also Plates, Brass
Laborer   See also Labor
Lachoneus1Nephite chief judge [c A.D. 1]
Lachoneus2Son of Lachoneus1 [c. A.D. 29-30]
Laden   See also Burden
Laid   See Lay, Laid
Lake   See also Hell; Torment
LamahNephite commander [c. A.D. 385]
Laman1Eldest son of Lehi1 [c. 600 B.C.]    See also Laman, River; Lamanites
Laman2Lamanite king [c. 200 B.C.]
Laman3Son of Laman2 [c. 178 B.C.]
Laman4Nephite soldier
Laman, RiverRiver emptying into Red Sea    See also Laman1
LamaniteDescendant of Laman1, later any person who rejects the gospel    See also Ammon2, People of; Lamanitish
Lame   See also Heal
Lamech1Descendant of Cain
Lamech2Father of Noah1
LamoniLamanite king converted by Ammon2
Lamp   See also Candle; Light; BD Lamp
Lasciviousness   See also Carnal; Lust
Last   See also End; Final; First; Last Days
Lawful   See also Right [adj.]
Lawyers   See also Judge [noun]
Leader   See also Lead; Ruler; TG Leadership
Leaf   See Fig
Leap   See Lame
Learner   See Teacher
Least   See also Less
Leaves   See Fig
Lebanon   See also BD Lebanon
Led   See Lead, Led
Lehi1Hebrew prophet who led his followers to promised land in western hemisphere [c. 600 B.C.]    See also Lehi, Book of
Lehi2Son of Zoram2, possibly same as Lehi3 [c. 81 B.C.]
Lehi3Nephite military commander [c. 74 B.C.]
Lehi4Son of Helaman2, great missionary [c. 45 B.C.]
Lehi, City of and Land of1Land adjoining land of Morianton and containing city of Lehi
Lehi, Land of2Apparently the entire land south
Lehi-Nephi, City of and Land ofAlso called land of Nephi, of which it is a part    See also Nephi, Land of
LehontiLamanite officer [c. 72 B.C.]
LemuelSecond son of Lehi1 [c. 600 B.C.]    See also Lemuel, Valley of; Lemuelites
Lemuel, City ofLamanite city
Lemuel, Valley ofNear borders of Red Sea
LemuelitesDescendants of Lemuel
Lend   See also Borrow; Give
Letter   See also Epistle
Levi1Son of Jacob1    See also Levitical; BD Levi
Levi2Middle Jaredite king
LiahonaCompass given to Lehi1
Lib1Middle Jaredite king
Lib2Late Jaredite king
Libnah   See also Gods; Idolatry
License   See also Certificate
Lick   See Dust
Light, Lightly— [adj. = Little]
   See also Ease; Easiness; Light; Light-mindedness; Little; Simple; Small
Liken   See also Likeness; Parable; Teach
Likeness   See also Image; Similitude
LimhahNephite commander [c. A.D. 385]
LimherNephite soldier [c. 87 B.C.]
LimhiKing of Nephites in land of Nephi [c. 121 B.C.]    See also Ammon1; Nephi, Land of
Limnah   See also Coins
Linen   See also Cloth; Clothes
Lion   See also Animal; Beast
Lips   See also Mouth; Speak; Tongue; Word
List   See also Desire
Loathsome   See also Hate; Wicked
Loins   See also Descendant; Seed
Long-suffering   See also Patience
Look   See also Behold; See
Loose   See also Bind; Deliver
LotAbraham's nephew
Lot   See also BD Lots, Casting of
Low, Lower   See also Humble; Lowliness
Lucifer   See also Devil; BD Lucifer
Lucre   See also Money; Riches
LuramNephite officer [c. A.D. 385]