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Mind, Minded
2 Ne. 1: 21 my sons, to be determined in one mind.
2 Ne. 9: 39 to be carnally-minded is death, to be spiritually-minded is life eternal.
2 Ne. 25: 29 worship Christ with all your mind.
Jacob 2: 9 instead of feasting on pleasing word of God, daggers are placed to wound their delicate minds.
Jacob 3: 2 ye may feast upon God’s love if your minds are firm.
Enos 1: 10 voice of the Lord came into mind of Enos2.
Mosiah 2: 9 open your minds, that mysteries of God may be unfolded.
Mosiah 4: 13 ye will not have a mind to injure one another.
Alma 15: 3 Zeezrom’s fever is caused by great tribulations of mind on account of his wickedness.
Alma 17: 5 sons of Mosiah2 suffer much, both in body and mind.
Alma 19: 6 glory of God lights up Lamoni’s mind.
Alma 30: 53 Korihor teaches devil’s words because they are pleasing to carnal mind.
Alma 31: 5 word has more powerful effect upon minds of people than sword.
Alma 32: 34 when word swells in soul, mind begins to expand.
Alma 36: 4 Alma2 obtains knowledge not of carnal mind, but of God.
Alma 36: 18 as mind of Alma2 caught hold on Christ, he cried for mercy.
Alma 39: 13 turn to the Lord with all your mind.
Alma 40: 1 (Alma 41: 1) Corianton’s mind is worried concerning resurrection.
Alma 57: 27 minds of Ammonite youths are firm.
Ether 4: 15 veil of unbelief causes men to remain in blindness of mind.
Moro. 7: 30 angels show themselves unto them of firm mind in every form of godliness.
Moro. 9: 25 may Christ’s mercy, long-suffering rest in your mind forever.
Moro. 10: 32 (Matt. 22: 37) love God with all your might, mind.
D&C 4: 2 (D&C 20: 31) serve God with all mind.
D&C 6: 15 I did enlighten thy mind.
D&C 6: 23 did I not speak peace to your mind.
D&C 8: 2 1 will tell you in your mind.
D&C 9: 8 study it out in your mind.
D&C 10: 2 (D&C 84: 54) mind became darkened.
D&C 11: 13 Spirit to enlighten mind.
D&C 11: 20 keep commandments with might, mind.
D&C 20: 31 sanctification to those who love and serve God with all minds.
D&C 43: 34 let solemnities of eternity rest upon minds.
D&C 45: 65 with one mind, saints to gather riches to purchase land.
D&C 46: 10 retain in minds what gifts are given to church.
D&C 59: 5 love the Lord with all thy might, mind.
D&C 64: 34 the Lord requires the heart and a willing mind.
D&C 67: 10 man cannot see God with the carnal or natural mind.
D&C 68: 3-4 that which is spoken by Holy Ghost shall be the mind of the Lord.
D&C 84: 61 remain steadfast in your minds.
D&C 84: 80 he who preaches gospel faithfully shall not be weary in mind.
D&C 84: 85 treasure up in your minds continually the words of life.
D&C 88: 68 sanctify yourselves that your minds become single to God.
D&C 88: 124 retire and arise early that body and mind may be invigorated.
D&C 95: 13 (D&C 133: 61) here is wisdom and the mind of the Lord.
D&C 102: 23 president may obtain mind of the Lord by revelation.
D&C 110: 1 veil was taken from minds.
D&C 112: 23 gross darkness covers minds of people.
D&C 121: 12 God blinds minds of his enemies.
D&C 133: 61 commandments given according to mind and will of the Lord.
Moses 4: 6 Satan knew not mind of God.
Moses 7: 18 people of Zion are of one mind.
JS-H 1: 42 vision of place where plates are buried is opened to Joseph Smith’s mind.