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Maggots   See also Curse; Plague
MahalaleelGrandfather of Enoch2
Maher-shalal-hash-bazSon of Isaiah1 [c. eighth century B.C.]
MahijahMan at time of Enoch2
Mahmackrah   See also Gods; Idolatry
MahujaelDescendant of Cain
Maimed   See also Heal; Hurt
Majesty   See also Glory
MalachiJewish prophet [c. late fifth century B.C.]    See also BD Malachi
Male   See also Man
Mammon   See also Riches; BD Mammon
ManassehSon of Joseph1, father of a tribe of Israel [c. 1700 B.C.]
Manifesto   See also Marriage
Mankind   See also Flesh; Human; Man
Manna   See also BD Manna
MantiNephite soldier [c. 87 B.C.]
Manti, City ofChief city in land of Manti    See also Manti, Land of
Manti, Hill ofNear city of Zarahemla
Manti, Land ofMost southerly land of Nephites    See also Manti, City of
Mantle   See Charity
Mark   See also Curse; Skin
Marrow   See also Bone
Marvel   See also Marvelous; Wonder
Marvelous   See also Marvel; Wonderful
MaryMother of Jesus    See also Virgin; BD Mary
Master   See also Lord; Mahan
Materials   See also Element; Matter
MathoniOne of twelve Nephite disciples [c. A.D. 34]
MathonihahOne of twelve Nephite disciples [c. A.D. 34]
Matter   See also Element; Materials
Means   See also Meaning
Measure   See also Mete
Meat   See also Flesh; Food
Meditate   See also Ponder; Think
MelchizedekKing of Salem    See also Priesthood, Melchizedek; BD Melchizedek
MelekNephite land west of Sidon
Melt   See also Molten
Memorial   See also Remembrance
Memory   See also Remember; Remembrance
Men   See Man
Mend   See also Change; Repair; Repent
Metal   See also Gold; Iron; Ore; Silver; Steel
Mete   See also Give; Measure
MethusaelDescendant of Cain
MethuselahSon of Enoch2    See also BD Methuselah
Michael   See also Adam; BD Michael
MiddoniLamanite land
Midian, Land ofLamanite land east of Lehi-Nephi
MilcahAbraham’s sister-in-law
Mill   See also Millstone
Millstone   See also Mill; Stone
Mingle   See also Mix
MinonNephite land on west bank of river Sidon
Minutes   See also Record
Molten   See also Melt
Month   See also Time
Morianton1Jaredite king
Morianton2Founder of Nephite city [c. 68 B.C.]    See also Morianton, City of and Land of; Morianton, People of
Morianton, City of and Land ofArea settled by Morianton2    See also Morianton2; Morianton, People of
Morianton, People ofFollowers of Morianton2    See also Morianton, City of and Land of
MoriantumNephite area
Mormon1— [c. A.D. 322]
Mormon2Nephite prophet, general, record keeper, abridger [c. A.D. 333]
Mormon, Forest ofNear waters of Mormon    See also Mormon, Place of; Mormon, Waters of
Mormon, Place ofRegion near city of Lehi-Nephi    See also Mormon, Forest of; Mormon, Waters of
Mormon, Waters ofFountain in land of Mormon
MoronLate Jaredite king
Moron, Land ofNorth of the great land of Desolation
Moroni1Righteous Nephite military commander [c. 100 B.C.]
Moroni2Son of Mormon2, last of Nephites [c. A.D. 421]
Moroni, City of and Land ofIn southeast of Nephite lands    See also Moroni, Land of
Moronihah1Righteous Nephite general, son of Moroni1 [c. 60 B.C.]
Moronihah2Nephite general [c. A.D. 385]
Moronihah, City ofIniquitous Nephite city
Morrow   See also Tomorrow
MosesGreat Hebrew prophet [c. fifteenth century B.C.]    See also Law of Moses; Moses, Books of; TG Law of Moses; BD Moses
Mosiah1Nephite prophet, king in Zarahemla, father of Benjamin
Mosiah2Nephite king, son of Benjamin [c. 154-91 B.C.]    See also Mosiah2, Sons of
Mosiah2, Sons ofGreat Nephite missionaries    See also Aaron3; Ammon2; Himni; Omner
Mouth   See also Lips; Speak; Tongue; Word
Move   See also Remove
MulekSon of Jewish king Zedekiah [c. 589 B.C.]
Mulek, City ofNephite city south of Bountiful
MulokiMissionary companion of Aaron3
Multitude   See also Nation
Music   See also Dance; Hymn; Sing; Song; BD Music