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NahomPlace in Arabian desert
Name   See also Call; Name of the Lord
Narrow   See also Strait
NathanHebrew prophet during reign of David    See also BD Nathan
NathanaelOne of Christ’s disciples    See also BD Nathanael
Naught   See also Nothing; Vain
NazarethCity of Christ’s childhood    See also BD Nazareth
Near   See also Nigh
NeasUnidentified plant    See also Grain
Necessity   See also Need; Needful
Neck   See also Captive; Pride; Stiffnecked
Need   See also Necessity; Needful; Needy; Want
Needful   See also Necessity; Need
Neglect   See also Diligence; Slothful
Nehor1   See also BD Nahor
Nehor2Nephite apostate [c. 91 B.C.]    See also Nehors, Order of
Nehor, City ofJaredite city
Nehors, Order ofWicked combination of those who follow Nehor
Neighbor   See also Brother; Charity; Love
Nephi1Son of Lehi1, great prophet founder of Nephites [c. 600 B.C.]    See also Nephites; Plates of Nephi, Large; Plates of Nephi, Small
Nephi2Son of Helaman3, great Nephite missionary [c. 45 B.C.]
Nephi3Son of Nephi2, one of the twelve Nephite disciples [c. A.D. 1]    See also Disciple; Nephi4
Nephi4Son of Nephi3 [c. A.D. 34]
Nephi, City ofChief city in land of Nephi    See also Lehi-Nephi, City of and Land of; Nephi, Land of
Nephi, Land ofLand of Lehites’ first inheritance, also a smaller part of that land, sometimes called land of Lehi-Nephi    See also Lehi-Nephi, City of and Land of; Limhi; Nephi, City of; Noah3; Zeniff
NephihahSecond chief judge of Nephites [c. 83 B.C.]
Nephihah, City ofPossibly two cities by this name
Nephihah, People ofResidents of city or land of Nephihah
Nephihah, Plains ofNear the city of Nephihah
NephitesDescendants of Nephi1 and his followers, later any person who accepts gospel
NeumA Hebrew prophet quoted by Nephi1
Nigh   See also Near
NimrahJaredite, son of Akish
Nimrod1Grandson of Ham    See also Nimrod, Valley of; BD Nimrod
Nimrod2Jaredite, son of Cohor1
Nimrod, Valley ofIn Mesopotamia
Noah1Patriarch at time of flood    See also BD Noah
Noah2Early Jaredite king, son of Corihor2
Noah3Son of Zeniff, king over Nephites in land of Nephi [c. 160 B.C.]    See also Nephi, Land of; Noah3, Priests of
Noah3, Priests ofWicked priests appointed by Noah3    See also Amulon; Amulon, Children of; Amulonites
Noah, City and Land ofIn land of Zarahemla, near Ammonihah
Nobility   See also Proud; Rich
Noise   See also Roar; Sound; Tumult
Noon-day   See also Light
Notice   See also Heed
Number   See also Count; Innumerable
Nurse, Nursing   See also Care; Nourish