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Oats   See also Grain
Oblation   See also Offering; Sacrifice
Observe   See also Obedience; Perform
Obtain   See also Attain; Receive
Occasion   See also Contention
OgathPlace near hill Ramah
Ohio   See also Kirtland
Old   See also Age; Ancient; Old Testament
Olea   See Moon
Olive   See also Tree; BD Olive Tree
Omega   See Alpha
OmerEarly Jaredite king
OmnerSon of Mosiah2 [c. 100 B.C.]    See also Mosiah2, Sons of
Omner, City ofNephite city by seashore on east borders
OmniNephite record keeper [c. 361 B.C.]
One   See also Unanimous; Unite, Unity
OnidahGathering place for dissatisfied Lamanites
Onidah, HillIn land of Antionum
OntiSilver coin    See also Coin
Open   See also Answer; Openly
Openly   See also Open
Opinion   See also Belief
Oppressor   See also Oppression
Oracle   See also Prophecy
Ore   See also Copper; Gold; Iron; Metal; Silver; Stone
Original   See Guilt
OrihahFirst Jaredite king
Orphan   See also Needy
Outward   See also Temporal
Oven   See also Furnace
Overbearance   See also Compel
Owe   See also Debt; Duty; Indebted
Ox, Oxen   See also Animal; Cattle