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See also Inhabit
Alma 30: 42 Korihor is possessed with lying spirit.
Alma 34: 34 same spirit that possesses body at death will possess body in eternal world.
Morm. 5: 19 the Lord hath reserved Nephites’ blessings for Gentiles who shall possess land.
Ether 2: 8-10 he who possesses land shall serve God or be swept off.
Moro. 7: 47 whoso is found possessed of charity, it shall be well with him.
D&C 10: 49 gospel to be made known to other nations that possess the land.
D&C 49: 20 one man should not possess that which is above another.
D&C 50: 27 he who is ordained and sent forth is possessor of all things.
D&C 50: 28 no man is possessor of all things unless he is purified.
D&C 69: 8 rising generations that grow up on land of Zion shall possess it.
D&C 88: 20 (D&C 103: 7) bodies who are of celestial kingdom may possess earth forever.
D&C 101: 38 in patience ye may possess your own souls.
D&C 101: 65 wheat may be secured to possess eternal life.
D&C 103: 20 ye shall possess the goodly land.
D&C 128: 20 Peter, James, and John possess keys of kingdom.