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Premortal Existence
Alma 13: 3 priests were called and prepared from foundation of world.
D&C 29: 36 devil rebelled against God, saying, Give me thine honor.
D&C 29: 36 Satan turned away a third of hosts of heaven.
D&C 38: 1 Christ looked upon expanse of eternity and hosts of heaven before world was.
D&C 49: 17 man was created before world was.
D&C 93: 29 man was in beginning with God.
D&C 138: 55 noble spirits chosen in beginning to be rulers in church.
D&C 138: 56 many received first lessons in world of spirits.
Moses 3: 5 all things were created spiritually before they were on earth.
Moses 6: 36 Enoch2 beholds spirits God created.
Abr. 3: 22 Abraham sees intelligences that were organized before the world was.
Abr. 3: 23 Abraham was chosen before he was born.