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Persecution, Persecute
2 Ne. 9: 30 because they are rich, they persecute the meek.
2 Ne. 26: 8 the righteous who look forward to Christ, notwithstanding persecution, shall not perish.
Jacob 2: 13 because some have obtained more abundantly, they persecute their brethren.
Mosiah 26: 38 Alma1 and fellow laborers are persecuted by those not of church.
Mosiah 27: 1 persecutions inflicted on church by unbelievers become so great the church murmurs.
Mosiah 27: 2 Mosiah2 sends proclamation that no unbeliever should persecute church member.
Mosiah 27: 13 why persecutest thou the church of God.
Mosiah 27: 32 Alma2 and companions are persecuted by unbelievers.
Alma 1: 21 strict law in church that no member should persecute one who does not belong.
Alma 1: 25 those who stand steadfast in faith bear the persecution with patience.
Alma 5: 54 will ye persist in persecuting your brethren.
Hel. 3: 34 many who profess to belong to church are lifted up in pride unto persecuting their brethren.
Hel. 13: 22 your hearts swell with great pride, unto persecuting.
3 Ne. 6: 13 some receive persecution and do not turn and revile again.
3 Ne. 12: 10-11 (Matt. 5: 10-11) blessed are all who are persecuted for their Lord’s sake, for theirs is kingdom.
3 Ne. 12: 12 so persecuted they the prophets before you.
3 Ne. 12: 44 (Matt. 5: 44) pray for them that persecute you.
4 Ne. 1: 29 other church persecuted true church of Christ.
Morm. 8: 36 only a few do not lift themselves in pride, unto persecutions.
D&C 24: 16 those who persecute violently will be smitten.
D&C 24: 17 whosoever shall go to law against the Lord’s servants shall be cursed by law.
D&C 40: 2 fear of persecution caused James Covill to reject the word.
D&C 45: 53 Jews shall lament because they persecuted their king.
D&C 88: 94 great church persecuteth saints of God.
D&C 98 Intro. (D&C 101: Intro.) persecution of saints in Missouri.
D&C 98: 23-27 elders will be rewarded if they bear persecutions patiently.
D&C 99: 1 proclaim gospel in midst of persecution.
D&C 101: 1-2 brethren have been afflicted and persecuted because of transgressions.
D&C 101: 35 they who endure persecution shall partake of glory.
D&C 121: 38 he who exercises compulsion will be left unto himself to persecute the saints.
D&C 122: 7 persecution gives experience.
D&C 123 history of persecution of church to be kept.
D&C 127: 4 they persecuted the prophets before you.
JS-H 1: 22-25, 27 persecution of Joseph Smith after first vision.
JS-H 1: 60 persecution of Joseph Smith after receiving the ancient record.