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PaanchiSon of Pahoran1 [c. 52 B.C.]    See also Pacumeni; Pahoran2
PachusKing of Nephite dissenters [c. 61 B.C.]
Pacify   See also Peace; Suffer
PacumeniSon of Pahoran1 [c. 52 B.C.]    See also Paanchi; Pahoran2
PagagSon of brother of Jared2
Pahoran1Third Nephite chief judge [c. 68 B.C.]
Pahoran2Son of Pahoran1, fourth Nephite chief judge [c. 52 B.C.]    See also Paanchi; Pacumeni
Paid   See Pay, Paid
Palace   See also Building
Palms   See also Tree
Parable   See also Liken; BD Parables
Pardon   See also Excuse; Forgive; Remission
Part   See also Partake; Portion
Particles   See Number
Pass   See also Cease; End; Judgment; Past; Vanish
Passion   See also Anger; Feeling; Fury; Rage
Past   See also Pass; Present
Pasture   See Sheep
Pattern   See also Example; Form [noun]
Pearl   See also Precious
Penalty   See also Punishment
Penetrate   See also Pierce
Penitent   See also Humble; Repentance
Pentecost   See also BD Pentecost
People   See also Nation
Perfectness   See also Perfect
Peril   See also Calamity; Danger; Threaten
Perish   See also Destruction; Die
Permit   See also Suffer
Perplexities   See also Calamity; War
Persist   See also Remain
PeterThe apostle    See also BD Peter
Petition   See also Beg; Plead
PharaohRuler of ancient Egypt    See also BD Pharaoh
Pison   See River
Pit   See also Persecution; Snare
Pity   See also Compassion; Mercy
Plant   See also Grain; Grass; Herb; Seed; Sow; Till
Plates of Nephi, LargeSecular history abridged by Mormon2, whose abridgment constitutes books of Mosiah, Alma, Helaman, 3 Nephi, and 4 Nephi    See also Lehi, Book of; Mormon2; Plates of Mormon; Plates of Nephi, Small
Plates of Nephi, SmallSpiritual history of Nephites, which constitutes the books of 1 Nephi, 2 Nephi, Jacob, Enos, Jarom, Omni    See also Nephi1
Plates, Brass   See also Laban
Plot   See also Plan
Plow   See also Till
Pluck   See also Destruction; Prune; Reap
Plunder   See Rob
Point   See also Direct; Direction; Doctrine
Pointers   See Liahona
Pool   See Water
Portion   See also Part
Possess   See also Inhabit
Posterity   See also Descendant; Seed
Poverty   See also Poor
Praiseworthy   See also Good
Preacher   See also Elder; Minister; Preach
Precious   See also Choice; Pearl; Value; Worth
Predict   See also Prophesy
Preparator   See also Founder
Present [verb]   See also Give; Offer
Press   See also Push; Wine-press
Pretend   See also Deceit; False; Lying
Price   See also Money
Prick   See also Arouse; Stir
Primitive   See also Ancient
Prince   See also King
Printer   See also Printing
Printing   See also Publish
Prints   See Nail; Printing
Prisoner   See also Prison
Privily   See also Private; Secret
Prize   See also Reward
Profess   See also Claim; Profession
Prolong   See also Increase; Lengthen
Provide   See also Give; Maintain; Prepare
Provision   See also Substance
Prune, Pruning   See also Cut; Pluck
Public   See also Open; Private
Pull   See also Destruction
Purchase   See also Buy
Purge   See also Purify; Refine
Push   See also Gather; Press
Put   See also Trust