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Revelation, Reveal
2 Ne. 5: 6 those who go with Nephi1 are those who believe revelations of God.
2 Ne. 27: 7 in sealed book shall be revelation from beginning of world to end.
2 Ne. 27: 10 revelation sealed in book reveal all things from foundation of world unto end.
2 Ne. 27: 11 (2 Ne. 30: 18) all things shall be revealed which ever have been or ever will be.
2 Ne. 30: 17 nothing is secret save it shall be revealed.
Jacob 1: 6 (Alma 9: 21) Nephites have many revelations and spirit of prophecy.
Jacob 4: 8 no man knows God’s ways save they are revealed to him.
Jacob 4: 8 despise not the revelations of God.
Omni 1: 11 Abinadom knows of no revelation save those that have been written.
Mosiah 14: 1 (Isa. 53: 1) to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed.
Alma 4: 20 (Alma 8: 24) Alma2 confines himself to testimony of word, according to spirit of revelation.
Alma 5: 46 the Lord has made manifest many things by Holy Spirit, which is spirit of revelation.
Alma 17: 3 sons of Mosiah teach with spirit of prophecy and revelation.
Alma 25: 15 outward ordinances must be kept until Christ is revealed.
Alma 26: 22 things never revealed shall be revealed to those who repent, exercise faith, bring forth good works, and pray without ceasing.
Alma 43: 2 Alma2 and sons preach according to spirit of prophecy and revelation.
Hel. 4: 12, 23 Nephites deny spirit of prophecy and revelation.
Hel. 11: 23 Nephi2 and Lehi4 have many revelations daily.
3 Ne. 3: 19 Nephites appoint as chief captains those who have spirit of revelation.
3 Ne. 26: 14 children speak greater things than Jesus had revealed to people.
3 Ne. 29: 6 wo unto him who denies revelations of the Lord and says the Lord no longer works by revelation.
Morm. 5: 8 things which are hid must be revealed.
Morm. 8: 33 look unto revelations of God.
Morm. 9: 7-8 those who deny revelations know not the gospel of Christ.
D&C 1: 3 (D&C 88: 108) secret acts shall be revealed.
D&C 1: 14 arm of the Lord shall be revealed.
D&C 1: 34 the Lord is willing to make these things known to all flesh.
D&C 2: 1 the Lord will reveal priesthood by hand of Elijah.
D&C 3: 4 although a man may have many revelations, if he follows his own will, he must fall.
D&C 11: 25 deny not the spirit of revelation.
D&C 20: 35 (D&C 75: 1; D&C 76: 116-118; D&C 104: 36; D&C 121: 26) revelations come through power of Holy Ghost, voice of God, ministering of angels.
D&C 25: 9 (D&C 101: 32; D&C 121: 31) all things shall be revealed.
D&C 28: 2, 7 (D&C 43: 2-7) only one appointed to receive revelations.
D&C 28: 7 (D&C 35: 18) Joseph Smith given keys to revelations which are sealed.
D&C 29: 11 the Lord will reveal himself from heaven with power and glory.
D&C 32: 4 give heed to that which is written and pretend to no other revelation.
D&C 42: 61 he who asks shall receive revelation upon revelation.
D&C 59: 4 those who obey gospel shall be crowned with revelations.
D&C 66: 2 gospel sent that men might be partakers of glories to be revealed.
D&C 68: 21 lineage ascertained by revelation.
D&C 70: 3-7 brethren appointed stewards over revelations.
D&C 70: 6 revelations not to be shown to church or world yet.
D&C 71: 4 (D&C 101: 23) elders to prepare way for revelations to come.
D&C 72: 21 revelations to be published.
D&C 75: 4 proclaim truth according to revelations.
D&C 76: 5-8 the Lord reveals mysteries to those who serve him.
D&C 76: 10 the Lord reveals secrets of his will to the righteous.
D&C 76: 46 end of sons of perdition was not revealed, will not be revealed.
D&C 82: 4 call upon my name for revelations, and I give them unto you.
D&C 90: 14 Joseph Smith to receive revelations to unfold mysteries.
D&C 94: 3 (D&C 124: 40-41) house consecrated for receiving revelations.
D&C 101: 32 when the Lord comes, he will reveal all things.
D&C 102: 9 president of church is appointed by revelation.
D&C 102: 23 in case of difficulty regarding doctrine, president may obtain mind of the Lord by revelation.
D&C 107: 39 Twelve to ordain ministers as designated by revelation.
D&C 124: 39 revelation for foundation of Zion.
D&C 124: 40-41 house to be built, that the Lord may reveal his ordinances.
D&C 128: 9 power given by revelation.
D&C 128: 17 Malachi had eye fixed on glories to be revealed.
D&C 128: 18 things never before revealed are now revealed.
D&C 132: 7 he who has sealing power is anointed by revelation through the medium of the Lord’s anointed.
D&C 132: 29 Abraham received all things by revelation.
OD 2 revelation extending priesthood to all worthy male members.
Moses 2: 1 the Lord reveals unto Moses concerning heaven and earth.
Moses 5: 49 Irad reveals great secret unto sons of Adam.
Moses 6: 3 God revealed himself unto Seth.
A of F 7 we believe in gift of revelation.
A of F 9 we believe all that God has revealed, that he will yet reveal many great things.