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2 Ne. 2: 8 (Mosiah 13: 35; Mosiah 15: 20; Alma 33: 22; Alma 40: 3; Hel. 14: 15) Christ lays down life, takes it up again, to bring to pass resurrection of the dead.
2 Ne. 9: 6 resurrection must come unto man by reason of the fall.
2 Ne. 9: 11-12 (Alma 40: 21, 23; Moro. 10: 34) bodies and spirits of men shall be restored to one another by power of resurrection of Holy One.
2 Ne. 9: 22 resurrection will pass upon all men.
2 Ne. 10: 25 may God raise you from death by power of the resurrection.
Jacob 4: 11 be reconciled to God through atonement of Christ, and ye may obtain resurrection according to power of resurrection which is in Christ.
Jacob 6: 9 power of redemption and resurrection, which is in Christ, will bring you to stand before God.
Mosiah 13: 34-35 God himself shall come down and bring to pass the resurrection.
Mosiah 15: 20 Son hath power over the dead and bringeth to pass resurrection.
Mosiah 15: 21-26 (Alma 40: 15-18) those who died before Christ’s resurrection will have part in first resurrection.
Mosiah 15: 22 all prophets and those who believe in them shall come forth in first resurrection.
Mosiah 15: 26 those who rebel against God shall have no part in first resurrection.
Mosiah 16: 7 if Christ had not risen from dead, there could have been no resurrection.
Mosiah 16: 8 (Morm. 7: 5) grave has no victory, sting of death is swallowed in Christ.
Mosiah 18: 9-10 those who would be numbered among first resurrection must be baptized.
Alma 11: 41 the wicked remain as though there had been no redemption, except for loosing of bands of death.
Alma 11: 42 (Alma 12: 8; Alma 40: 4-5, 9) all shall rise from the dead.
Alma 11: 45 mortal body is raised to an immortal body.
Alma 12: 24 man given a time to prepare for endless state which is after resurrection.
Alma 21: 9 Aaron3 opens to Lamanites scriptures concerning resurrection.
Alma 33: 22 (Hel. 14: 20) Son shall rise from dead to bring to pass resurrection.
Alma 40: 4-10 time appointed that all shall come from the dead.
Alma 40: 6, 11-14 state of souls between death and resurrection.
Alma 40: 15-17 state between death and resurrection is not first resurrection.
Alma 40: 16 first resurrection includes those who died before Christ’s resurrection.
Alma 40: 21 space between death and resurrection.
Alma 40: 23 soul shall be restored to body and body to soul.
Hel. 14: 25 (3 Ne. 23: 9-13) at time of Christ’s resurrection many saints shall be resurrected.
3 Ne. 26: 4-5 men will be judged of their works, if they be good, to resurrection of everlasting life, if evil, to resurrection of damnation.
Morm. 9: 13 death of Christ bringeth to pass the resurrection.
Moro. 7: 41 ye shall have hope through Christ’s atonement and resurrection to be raised unto life eternal.
Moro. 10: 34 I soon go to rest in paradise of God until my spirit and body shall again reunite.
D&C 29: 13 (D&C 45: 45; D&C 88: 97; D&C 133: 56) at the Lord’s coming saints will come forth.
D&C 29: 26 at Michael’s trump, all the dead will awake.
D&C 29: 43 by natural death man might be raised in immortality unto eternal life.
D&C 42: 45 mourn especially for those who have not hope of glorious resurrection.
D&C 43: 18 the Lord shall say, Ye saints arise and live.
D&C 45: 54 they who knew no law shall have part in the first resurrection.
D&C 63: 18 those who have no part in the first resurrection.
D&C 63: 49 the dead who die in the Lord shall rise and not die after.
D&C 63: 52 apostles preached resurrection.
D&C 76: 15-17 resurrection of the just and that of the unjust.
D&C 76: 39 all the rest shall be brought forth by resurrection of the dead.
D&C 76: 39 resurrection through triumph and glory of Lamb.
D&C 76: 50-70 those to come forward in resurrection of the just.
D&C 76: 64-65 those who inherit celestial glory will have part in first resurrection.
D&C 76: 85 those who inherit telestial glory shall not be redeemed from devil until last resurrection.
D&C 88: 14 through the redemption is brought to pass the resurrection of the dead.
D&C 88: 16 the resurrection of the dead is the redemption of souls.
D&C 88: 27 those who die shall rise again, a spiritual body.
D&C 88: 28 spirit shall receive same body which was natural body.
D&C 88: 98 resurrection of those who are the first fruits.
D&C 88: 99 resurrection of those who are Christ’s at his coming who have received their part in prison.
D&C 88: 101 rest of deal will not live again until thousand years are ended.
D&C 93: 33 spirit and element, inseparably connected, receive fulness of joy.
D&C 128: 12 baptism is likeness of resurrection.
D&C 129: 1 angels who are resurrected personages have bodies of flesh and bones.
D&C 130: 18 intelligence will rise with men in the resurrection.
D&C 132: 7, 19 only contracts authorized of God are valid after resurrection.
D&C 133: 55 prophets who were with Christ in his resurrection shall be in presence of Lamb.
D&C 138: 14 the just depart mortality with firm hope of resurrection.
D&C 138: 19 Son preached doctrine of resurrection to the dead.
Moses 7: 56 resurrection of saints foreseen by Enoch2.
Moses 7: 62 God will send forth truth out of earth to bear testimony of resurrection of Christ and all men.