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RacaWord suggesting contempt in Aramaic and Greek
Rage   See also Anger; Fury; Passion; Wrath
Railing   See also Revile
Raiment   See also Apparel; Clothes; Garment
Ramah, HillJaredite name for Hill Cumorah    See also Cumorah, Land and Hill of
RameumptomElevated place in Zoramites’ synagogues
Ranks   See also Inequality
Raw   See Meat
Ready   See also Preparation
Rear   See also Build
Rebaptism   See also Baptism
Recorder   See also Clerk; Record
Red   See also Red Sea
Red Sea   See also BD Red Sea
Refrain   See also Cease
Refuse   See also Deny; Reject
Regard   See also Esteem; Heed; Respect
Rehearse   See also Read
Release   See also Deliver; Escape; Loose
Rely   See also Depend; Trust
Remain   See also Abide; Persist; Sojourn; Tarry
Remove   See also Move
Render   See also Give
Renounce   See also Deny; Reject
Rent   See Rend, Rent
Repair   See also Mend; Redress
Repay   See also Pay; Recompense
Report   See also Rumor; Slander
Requisite   See also Necessity; Needful
Reserve   See also Keep; Withhold
Reside   See also Dwell; Inhabit
Residue   See also Remnant
Restrain   See also Hinder; Keep; Stay; Stop; Withhold
Retain   See also Hold; Keep; Maintain
Reunite   See also Resurrection
Revoke   See also Deny; Renounce
Revolutions— [=turning]
Rid   See also Cleanse
Riplah, HillEast of river Sidon, near land of Manti
RiplakishJaredite king
Rites   See Worship
Road   See also Highway; Path; Street; Way
Roar, Roaring   See also Noise; Tumult
Robe   See also Apparel; Garment
Rod   See also BD Rod
Roll, Rolling   See also Scroll
Root   See also Branch; Israel; Tree
Rough   See Smooth
Rudeness   See also Malice; Revile
Rumor   See also Backbiting; Report; Slander
Rye   See also Grain