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Sin, Sinful
2 Ne. 2: 13 if no sin, then no righteousness.
2 Ne. 2: 23 Adam could have done no good, for he knew no sin.
2 Ne. 4: 19 heart of Nephi1 groans because of his sins.
2 Ne. 4: 31 wilt thou make me shake at appearance of sin.
2 Ne. 9: 38 those who die in sins will remain in sins.
2 Ne. 9: 45 turn away from sins.
2 Ne. 9: 48 Jacob2 teaches consequences of sin.
2 Ne. 28: 8 false churches claim God will justify in committing little sin.
2 Ne. 33: 5 sacred record speaks harshly against sin.
Jacob 1: 19 teachers answer sins of people upon own heads if they do not teach diligently.
Jacob 2: 5 Nephites begin to labor in sin which is abominable to God.
Jacob 7: 19 Sherem fears he has committed unpardonable sin.
Mosiah 2: 33 he who remains and dies in sins receives wages of everlasting punishment.
Mosiah 4: 14 devil is master of sin.
Mosiah 4: 29 I cannot tell you all the things whereby you may commit sin.
Mosiah 25: 11 sinful and polluted state of Lamanites.
Alma 11: 37 God cannot save men in their sins.
Alma 13: 12 those sanctified by Holy Ghost cannot look upon sin without abhorrence.
Alma 26: 17 God has snatched us from sinful, polluted state.
Alma 36: 17-19 Alma2 harrowed up by memory of sins.
Alma 39: 6 to deny Holy Ghost is unpardonable sin.
Alma 41: 9-10 do not suppose ye will be restored from sin to happiness.
Alma 42: 17 how could man sin without law.
Alma 42: 20 if no law was given against sin, men would not be afraid to sin.
Alma 42: 21 if no law, what could justice or mercy do for men who sinned.
Alma 42: 29 only let your sins trouble you.
Alma 45: 12 fourth generation after Christ’s visit will sin against great light.
Alma 45: 16 the Lord cannot look upon sin with least degree of allowance.
Hel. 6: 30 devil is author of all sin.
Hel. 7: 24 Nephites have sinned against greater knowledge than Lamanites.
3 Ne. 6: 18 wicked Nephites do not sin ignorantly.
3 Ne. 16: 10 when Gentiles sin against gospel, Father will take it from them.
3 Ne. 28: 38 three Nephites are changed, that they suffer no sorrow, save for sins of world.
Morm. 8: 32 false churches will forgive sins for money.
Ether 2: 15 I forgive thee and thy brethren their sins, but thou shalt not sin any more.
Ether 2: 15 if men sin until fully ripe, they are cut off from the Lord’s presence.
Moro. 7: 12 devil inviteth and enticeth to sin.
Moro. 8: 8, 10 little children not capable of committing sin.
D&C 1: 27 commandments given that the Lord’s servants who sinned might be chastened and repent.
D&C 1: 31 the Lord cannot look upon sin with allowance.
D&C 6: 35 (D&C 29: 3; D&C 82: 2, 7) sin no more.
D&C 10: 25 Satan tells men it is no sin to lie.
D&C 18: 44 marvelous work unto convincing of many of their sins, that they might repent.
D&C 19: 20 (D&C 59: 12; D&C 61: 2) confess your sins.
D&C 20: 37 those who confess they have repented of sins should be baptized.
D&C 29: 3 (D&C 64: 3) your sins are forgiven you.
D&C 29: 47 children cannot sin until they begin to become accountable.
D&C 42: 28 he who sinneth and repents not should be cast out.
D&C 42: 37 he who sinneth and repents not should lose consecrated property.
D&C 45: 4 behold the sufferings and death of him who did not sin.
D&C 45: 58 in Millennium, children shall grow up without sin.
D&C 49: 20 (D&C 84: 49) world lies in sin.
D&C 50: 29 those who are purified and cleansed from all sin shall receive whatever they ask.
D&C 56: 14 saints’ sins have come up unto the Lord.
D&C 59: 15 much laughter is sin.
D&C 64: 3 some among elders have sinned.
D&C 64: 7 the Lord forgives sins unto those who have not sinned unto death.
D&C 64: 9 greater sin remains in him who forgives not.
D&C 68: 25 sin is upon heads of neglectful parents.
D&C 82: 3 he who sins against greater light receives greater condemnation.
D&C 82: 7 former sins return to souls who sin again.
D&C 84: 50-51 those who come not unto the Lord are under bondage of sin.
D&C 88: 35 he who abides in sin cannot be sanctified.
D&C 88: 82 men’s sins are upon their own heads after being warned.
D&C 88: 86 entangle not yourselves in sin.
D&C 95: 6 walking in darkness is grievous sin.
D&C 98: 20 many members do not forsake their sins.
D&C 101: 9 notwithstanding saints’ sins, the Lord will remember mercy.
D&C 109: 34 as all men sin, forgive the transgressions of thy people.
D&C 111: 11 be wise as serpents, yet without sin.
D&C 121: 17 those who cry transgression do it because they are servants of sin.
D&C 121: 37 when men undertake to cover their sins, Spirit withdraws.
D&C 132: 26 fate of those sealed in new and everlasting covenant who sin.
D&C 132: 39 David and Solomon did not sin save in wives not received from God.
D&C 138: 57 spirits in darkness are under bondage of sin.
Moses 5: 23 if thou doest well, sin lieth at the door.
Moses 6: 55 inasmuch as children are conceived in sin, when they begin to grow up, sin conceives in their hearts.
A of F 2 all men will be punished for own sins.