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Sincerity, Sincere
Mosiah 4: 10 ask in sincerity of heart that God will forgive you.
Mosiah 26: 29 he who repents in sincerity of heart shall be forgiven.
Mosiah 29: 19 except for interposition of Creator and their sincere repentance, people of Noah3 must remain in bondage.
Alma 26: 31 sincerity of converts is witnessed in love toward brethren.
Alma 33: 11 thou didst hear me because of my sincerity.
Hel. 3: 27 the Lord is merciful to all who call upon him in sincerity.
Moro. 10: 4 if ye ask with sincere heart, God will manifest truth.
D&C 5: 24 Martin Harris to humble himself in sincerity of heart.
D&C 20: 6 Joseph Smith humbled himself sincerely.